Kimball Cho

Agent Kimball Cho

Pre A&A: The Mentalist

Kimball Cho was once in a street gang called the Avon Park Playboys. His nickname was the "Iceman." Yes, that's "Ice" as in "Kill." He was a hitman, and Show gives the impression that he whacked a lot of people. He finally left the gang after being asked to kill an innocent family, and joined the army. After the Army, he became a CBI agent. In one episode (2x14 of The Mentalist) we learn that an old gang friend, Seoul, has pleaded for Cho's protection, which Cho ignores. Seoul ends up in a body bag. So Cho busts some heads, dukes it out with the friendly neighborhood gang leaders, and finds the killer. But this doesn't change the fact that Friend is now dead. Cue manpain and heart smishing. He has found a lovely woman named Elise, and they are in a relationship.

Angels & AssesEdit

Kimball works alongside Patrick Jane in California Bureau of Investigations. He is often portrayed as Jane's "right-hand man," and seems very close to Jane, often requesting help regarding finding evidence, though he does get annoyed with Jane's habit of not telling him everything he knows concerning a case. Curious as to why Jane kept disappearing to after/during cases. Buffy tells him Jane's in New Jersey. During a shift, Cho calls Jane's phone and only hears a noise similar to monsters fighting cats in a blender. So he decided to go to New Jersey and find out just what the heck is going on.


Cho is a straight arrow and very rational, a real stickler for the rules. He's very down to earth. He's stoic, not one to openly display emotion, and is on the quiet side. But when he does speak, it's meaningful and to the point. Commanding, he means business. He is very loyal. If you've earned his respect, he will stick to you like glue. He won't let you down. Level-headed, he performs well under stress very well. Cho is ex-military, so discipline is drilled into him. He rarely drinks, doesn't smoke, and doesn't chase skirts. The extent of his misbehavior is limited to helping Patrick Jane's schemes. Witty, he has no qualms about taking people down a peg or two with one well-placed sentence.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Kimball Cho is only a human, but has been trained as a police officer. He is skilled in firearms, and hand-to-hand combat.

The PlayerEdit

Name: The Torrid Pen