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The DriverEdit

  • Name: Awbrey
  • Contact:
    • E-mail:
    • AIM: CeiliurEan

I Am Who I Was Born To BeEdit


She's a little hellion..

  • Age: 23.
  • Abilities: Ashley's capability with a gun is fairly well unmatched among the group of people she knows. She's deadly accurate, both with a firearm and when fighting. She's got killer instincts, and is a very strong and adept fighter with quick reflexes and even quicker offense tactics. She's also awesome on a motorcycle.
  • Family / Next of Kin
    • Helen Magnus
      • Relationship: Mother.
      • Status: Alive.
    • John Druitt
      • Relationship: Father.
      • Status: Alive.

Goldilocks? HardlyEdit

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A Girl With Her GunEdit

Ashley can come off as very abrasive, at first glance. She's not reserved about speaking her mind in the least, and tends to be a bit brash. She has a sarcastic streak, quick to come up with a bitingly witty remark, especially when bantering with her close friends (all... two or three of them) and her mom.

She's pretty fearless; she has no worry about taking on the world. No matter who, or what, it is, Ash will face it. She's gung-ho and headstrong, sometimes to the point that it's dangerous. She can be a little overly sure of herself and doesn't always think before gong into a situation, guns blazing. She's very aggressive, sometimes to the point of being a danger to herself and those she's working with just because she can get a little reckless. Thanks to the violent inheritance she gets from her father, there is a less touched, more shadowy side to how powerful she can be. She gets an adrenaline rush from the hunt (and kill, when there's killing). She's in denial about it, but it's there; and deep down, somewhere, she knows it's true.

She's spent her whole life surrounded by the unbelievable; the world's marvels have been around her all her life. As such, she's always been girl with a very interesting and broad outlook on the world. Beneath all of her layers of toughness and (often times) sarcasm, there is a genuine young woman. She has moments of weakness, but she strives to cover them up with the outside tough-as-nails bravado that she prides herself on. It takes a lot to get Ashley to open up to that point, but once she trusts someone enough to let them have that rare glimpse of the genuinely caring and compassionate person beneath the wry remarks and ass-kicking, the trust sticks and that person should know that they've earned themselves one hell of an ally.

Before The FogEdit

Ashley Magnus was conceived by Helen Magnus and John Druit in the 1880's. As her parents' relationship was coming to a close, Helen chose to keep Ashley frozen as an embryo. This lasted for longer than a century. When Helen was so lonely that she couldn't bear it any longer (and believed that John Druitt was no longer a factor to be reckoned with), she brought Ashley to term, birthed, and raised her daughter. Ashley grew up believing that her father was dead, not knowing who he was.

She was raised in a world unlike any other child's, around the most fantasical creatures and brilliant minds that the world had to offer - the brightest, in fact. Her mother was nothing short of a genius. The Sanctuary, her home, was a fantastical world that she knew no other little girl in the world could even begin to imagine.

Outside of the abnormals living within the walls - at least those that roamed freely - Ashley didn't have much of a social childhood. She was homeschooled within the walls of her mother's Sanctuary, by Helen herself - one of the most brilliant minds the world had ever seen.

Ashley grew up believing that her father was deceased. She never knew who he was; and she wouldn't know until later in life that the reason her mother told her this was to protect her. Helen raised Ashley with a vivid knowledge of the world around her, as well as practical skills - hand-to-hand combat, for example. She was a quick learner and seemed to be naturally adept in the skills of a fighter. By her early teens, she already had a vast knowledge of firearms and how to work them.

Her late teenage years brought more fieldwork than she'd ever been allowed to participate in before, and it was obvious at that point that Ashley was meant to go into the monster-hunting field. Into her twenties, she became a vital part of her mother's team. She was better getting information from the underbelly of society, a smoother talker and made easy connections with the more shadowy side of abnormal society. She developed relationships with contacts quickly, and was easily the quickest to take to battle and squeezing information out wherever she could whenever fieldwork was involved.

Things seemed to be going pretty smoothly, really - until a mysterious (and very dangerous) man from her mom's past breached the Sanctuary's security. Ashley was ignorant to who he was, and brought him in after taking him down, assuming he was just another dangerous abnormal.

The man used Ashley, threatening her life to get what he wanted out of Helen. She tricked him, her mind much quicker than his, and believed that she killed him with a fatal injection of what he believed to be her blood. This was the beginning of change for the two Magnus women; as well as a long emotional journey for Ashley.

It was some amount of time before the mysterious man - whose name, Ashley had learned in their last encounter, was John Druitt - made another appearance in the young woman's life. He was able to procure her by way of kidnapping using his teleportation, because she believed she was approaching a somewhat-friendly information source. He had no intentions of harming her this time, however, and simply wanted to know Helen's whereabouts. As it turned out, a man named Nikola Tesla had found and tortured him just as he was hanging on by a thread of life. He changed, became someone who was actually on the Magnus women's side. He knew that Tesla would go after Helen next, and let Ashley know that it was desperately important that she share Helen's location.

The argument and fight between Ashley and Druitt that ensued was one that struck a nerve in the young woman. He compared her to him, to which she responded, "I am nothing like you!" But she knew, deep down. The emotional tug that his words caused were there because she was like him. Born to kill - even if it was for a greater good. She still lived for the thrill of a hunt or a kill, he told her. She fought it. Her conscience wouldn't let her believe something like that. She knew better. It was also in the moments fighting with him that somewhere, a small light bulb turned on - this man had to be her father. There was no other explanation for their similarities.

Eventually, she conceded and gave John her location. They were able to save Helen's life, and though relieved by this, Ashley was very emotional about the entire situation. She asked her mother if the man was, indeed, her father. Helen gave her an apologetic answer - a positive answer. The knowledge that her father was very much alive, and a notorious serial killer, was haunting to her.

There was strain between she and her mother for awhile afterward, but Ashley was eventually able to come to terms with learning this. She was initially hurt by the fact that her mother kept so much from her, but she was too strong to let that shatter the relationship they had. She accepted it, dealt with it, and true to form, was able to move on with her life and continue to work alongside her mother and the rest of the Sanctuary's team.

Jersey's Kinda The PitsEdit

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