"But you're just a girl!"

"... That's what I keep saying."

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Just A Girl. Just The Slayer.Edit


Scariest tiny blond in the entire world will kick your ass seven ways to Sunday.

  • Age & Birthdate: 29 ; January 19, 1981.
  • Abilities: Buffy has all of the normal powers that a Slayer has - superhuman strength, reflexes, speed, agility... She's incredibly durable and has accelerated healing, and can often sense the presence of Demons. She has all of the memories of Slayers past, and sometimes will have precognitive dreams.
  • Family / Next of Kin
    • Hank Summers
      • Relationship: Father.
      • Status: Alive.
    • Joyce Summers
      • Relationship: Mother.
      • Status: Deceased.
    • Dawn Summers
      • Relationship: Sister.
      • Status: Alive.

I've Slayed In This Halter Many TimesEdit

Buffy's deceptively small; she stands at only 5'3" and doesn't weigh an ounce over 110 pounds, despite her superpowered muscles and the fact that she can pack away a pizza like a trooper. She has very expressive, hazel (usually green) eyes that contrast well with her even skin-tone (bordering somewhere between gentle milky and tan) and long, blond hair. Her most defining mark, though it's usually covered by her hair, is the bite scar on the right side of her neck.

She's got a very definitive style and an eye for fashion, and unless she's training, she's always dressed to kill. She makes sure to dress both with flair and practicality. Buffy rarely ever leaves the house without wearing a cross of some sort around her neck.

She's Really Just A GirlEdit

Buffy is a leader by nature. She's self-assured and strong-willed. She is a very independent woman who doesn't have much taste for authority, who does what she thinks is the best thing, and right thing, to do. If that involves bending the rules, then so be it. She's a rebel, even in terms of being a Slayer - she likes to do things her own way, even if her Watcher or the Council have demanded otherwise. Sometimes her natural ability to lead can go to her head, and she'll get a little too headstrong and arrogant about things. She's often fairly well convinced that she's the foremost expert on all of the monsters and demons that come around, just because she's The Slayer, and she's been there.

Buffy also has a huge heart. She cares about people, sometimes more than what's good for her. She can get attached to people far too quickly, and she definitely puts her all into her friendships. She's a very protective person and will stop at nothing to keep those she loves safe. She considers her emotions to be assets, and knows that, despite what she's learned from the First Slayer and what she's been told of Slayers in the past, they give her power.

She can be extremely strong in her opinions, and isn't afraid to step up and assert her authority when she feels it's necessary. Buffy also possesses the uncanny ability to whip out witty comments at the most appropriate (and, alright, sometimes inappropriate) times, always offering a crack - especially when dealing with her enemies. She comes off a little bit cynical and sarcastic at times, but usually just when she's in a bad mood. She's very emotional, despite the strong image she upholds. She's not quick to cry, but when the need hits her, she lets it out (depending on who's around).

A World Outside of JerseyEdit

Buffy Summers was born to Hank and Joyce Summers on January 19th, 1981 in Los Angeles, California. She was a normal girl growing up, playing with Barbies, being daddy's little princess. Being an only child, she was quite spoiled, to be perfectly honest. Much of her life was normal, until she hit high school. When she was fifteen, she was approached by a man named Merrick. He revealed to her that she was the Chosen One, and became her First Watcher. She didn't get along with him very well, being the valley girl that she was at the time, and he was very intolerant of her personality. It wasn't until they prepared for her first real battle that they became close at all, and she began to change. Once immensely popular, she started acting more strange, and became one of the outcasts she had been so quick to judge before. The battle with the vampire king, Lothos, was close at hand... But just when she needed guidance most, Merrick shot himself to protect her. His intentions were solely for her well-being, but Buffy was left alone. In the end, she was able to defeat Lothos - but not before burning down the high school gym in the process. She was expelled.

After this, she and a fellow outcast named Pike (who she'd befriended) ran off to Las Vegas to look for vampires. When she came back, Buffy's parents found out what had really happened at her school that night. Her parents, thinking she was completely off her rocker, slapped her into a mental institution. In her time there, Buffy learned that trying to get other people to understand demonic forces, and her destiny, would be completely useless. She decided it was in her best interest to simply comply and was released a couple of weeks later. The topic never came up with her parents again.

On top of everything else, Hank and Joyce decided (just after Buffy turned 16) to get a divorce. Their union had originally been a very quick one, and not well thought-out. Buffy’s mother took custody and the two of them moved to a place called Sunnydale. Sunnydale was a town destined for Hell on Earth, as it turned out – sitting on what was called a “Hellmouth.” – one of the many spots on Earth where an opening to Hell had once been and could be reopened. Despite this, Buffy attempted to live out her life normally.

She had to adjust to a new school. She enrolled at Sunnydale High, where she met the two friends who would change her life forever, as well as her new Watcher. Xander Harris and Willow Rosenberg were already tight-knit friends, and fit the bill for outcasts all-around. They were accepting of her and kind to her from the get go, for which she was very grateful. Her new Watcher, Rupert Giles, was working as the school librarian. She kept her identity a secret, until she needed help. Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles all four stopped The Harvest (a mass-feeding Vampire ritual) together, forming the core-four of what was affectionately referred to as the "Scooby Gang."

It was also after moving to Sunnydale that Buffy met Angel - a mysterious man, who would show up at all the right times and offer her mysterious (and often times totally confusing) advice. She was attracted to him, and a little more than horrified when she found out he was a Vampire - but there was definitely a hitch. He had a soul. After learning this, she decided that she wouldn't Slay him. He had a soul, he wasn't like the other vampires - why should she?

Giles told Buffy that she would be, in her near future, forced to battle a millenium-old vampire, the leader of the vampires, known only as "The Master". She learned that she was going to die at the hands of this Master. She revoked her Slayer title and duties, contemplating running out of town... But after Willow found bodies of their classmates inside of the school, she accepted her fate. She was overpowered, bitten, and left to drown in a pool of water - but Xander was able to save her life. She managed to defeat the Master, and stop him from opening the Hellmouth.

It took her months to get back into the swing of her normal life. She had a very difficult time trying to deal with her "death", however short it was, and wasn't able to really get over it until she destroyed the Master's remains herself. In her Junior Year, Spike and Drusilla popped into the picture. They were a vampire couple that just happened to be intent on causing as much trouble as they possibly could in Sunnydale. They made Buffy's life little more than hell. Finally, Angel and Buffy became an official couple. The Slayer, with a Vampire? It was difficult, but they cared about each other.. and that's what really had to count. On the night of her seventeenth birthday, things changed; Buffy lost her virginity to Angel, lifting the curse that gave him a soul. He reverted to Angelus, who was known as the most notoriously evil vampire in history. He became obsessed with destroying Buffy's life, and joined in with Spike and Drusilla. His pathological abuse reigned over Buffy and her friends over the months.

Angelus formed a plan to destroy the world, and Spike - trouble-causing, pain-in-her-ass Spike - offered to help her get rid of him. He was tired of Angelus' presence in his life and the way he disrupted the relationship with Drusilla. During this whole mess, Buffy was forced to "come out" to her mother about being the Slayer. Joyce reacted poorly, as Buffy had expected.

"Do you think I chose to be like this? Do you have any idea how lonely it is? How dangerous? I would love to be upstairs watching TV or gossiping about boys or... God, even studying! But I have to save the world. Again."

Buffy came face-to-face with Angelus to try and get him to stop with his plans to open a vortex to a hell dimension, attempting to stop him while Willow worked a spell to return his soul. The spell worked, but it was too late, and Buffy was forced to send the man who was now Angel again to hell, in order to close the vortex. Buffy was traumatized, and felt incredibly alone - even with her friends there, it wasn't the same as her connection with Angel. She fled Sunnydale, and ran away to Los Angeles. There, she spent the summer waiting tables. She worked at a diner, under the name "Anne" (her middle name), trying to ignore her destiny... trying to ignore the fact that she was the Chosen One.

That all changed when she discovered, and saved the life of, a runaway from a Hell dimension. She returned to Sunnydale to face her own problems, her own demons. She returned to her mom, her friends, and her Watcher, and spent a great deal of time trying to find closure to everything that had occurred with Angel. But he was spit back out from Hell, and Buffy couldn't stay away from him. Her friends were appalled and disgusted, but Buffy did what she felt she had to do. It was then that a new Slayer came to town. Faith Lehane was a rebel, far more difficult than Buffy, who came without a Watcher at all. They formed an alliance, and something of a friendship, over time.

Just before Buffy's eighteenth birthday, her Slayer powers were removed in preparation for the Slayer rite of passage called "Cruciamentum". Giles, as her Watcher, had gotten close to her over time. He didn't want to see her hurt, and was fired as her official Watcher. In came Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, who Buffy refused to listen to. She relied on Giles still, often ruffling Wesley's feathers.

Buffy's relationship with Faith changed, dying quickly, after Faith accidentally killed a human. Because of the way that Buffy seemed to be deterred by her, Faith became estranged from the entire Scooby Gang and befriended the Mayor of Sunnydale. He was an excessively cheerful man, whose good-natured mannerisms were actually a guise to cover up a much darker side. He was making preparations to become a pure-blooded demon, little to the knowledge of Buffy. Faith acted against her, helping him as Buffy attempted to raise his plans to the ground. Faith lashed out, poisoning Angel as a diversion. The Watchers' Council refused to offer Buffy any help whatsoever, and she completely abandoned everything they had ever presented for her. She was done.

The Scooby gang discovered that only the blood of a Slayer could save Angel's life. Buffy took it upon herself to try to sacrifice Faith to save his life, but the battle that occurred between the two women left Faith in a coma. She had no choice but to use her own blood to save him. The mayor's plans were to culminate on graduation day for Sunnydale High, and there were only a few things Buffy could do on her own. So she decided not to.

Arming, preparing, and leading her classmates, a massive battle occurred against the Mayor, who had transformed into a massive demon. Its name was Olvikan - a gigantic snake beast, nearly invulnerable. In the end, what destroyed him was a massive explosion. Consequently, the school was also destroyed - but no good could come without sacrifice. It was after this, after making sure that Buffy was alright, that Angel left for Los Angeles. He wanted her to have a more normal life - as normal as it could be, anyway - without him.

After graduation, Buffy was accepted into U.C. Sunnydale. On top of her Slayer duties, she had to adjust to life in college. It wasn't easy for her in the least. She had an evening with a student named Parker, which she mistook for development toward some sort of emotional attachment, but he didn't return any contact - calls, speaking to him in person, anything - afterward. It left Buffy in a depression until she met Riley Finn. He was a teacher assistant for her psychology professor, and seemed to be very sincere in caring about her. She wasn't sure how she was going to juggle dating a normal guy for once along with her Slayer duties. It was something she'd never tried before.

Her perspective on Riley changed when she discovered that he was a member of a secret government task-force, created solely to experiment on demonic and mystical creatures (her turf). It was headed up by none other than the psychology professor for whom Riley assisted. Buffy, for a short time, joined forces with this organization, which she had learned was named The Initiative. At this point, Riley was aware of what, and who, she really was, so there weren't any more secrets between them... But the members of the Initiative were a different story. The Professor, named Maggie Walsh, began to notice that Buffy was very persistent with her questions about the plans and reasons for the Initiative's action. She didn't much care for Buffy's relationship with Riley, either. She tried to get rid of Buffy by having her killed in action, but didn't succeed. Walsh was killed by a creation she'd come up with herself: Adam, a terrifying bio-mechanical demon-android. He escaped the Initiative, and began to plan an army of creations similar to himself.

All of this was going on around Buffy, and while it was clear that she had enough on her plate, Faith had other ideas. The other Slayer awoke from her coma, and used a magical device given to her by The Mayor to switch bodies with Buffy. In Faith's body now, Buffy was taken into custody by the Watchers' Council Special Operations Team. They were after Faith, for using her Slayer powers against the greater good for which they were intended. Buffy managed to escape, and through a series of urgent pleas was able to convince Giles of the fact that it was actually her, and not just Faith playing coy. Willow and Tara Maclay, a new found friend and member of the Scooby Gang, assisted Giles in reversing the body swap.

Faith ran away to Los Angeles, and Buffy followed. Angel insisted that Faith could be rehabilitated, but Buffy disagreed, and the two came into one of the largest conflicts against each other that had yet existed. Eventually, Faith gave up and surrendered herself to the Watchers. Buffy and Angel were able to make up, and Buffy returned to Sunnydale. Riley eventually chose to run with the Scooby Gang, turning his back on the Initiative to join forces with Buffy instead. The strained friendships with Willow, Xander, and Giles that occurred when Buffy had readily accepted Angel again were patched up, and they combined their essences by invoking First Slayer. This gave Buffy immeasurable strength, and she was able to finally destroy Adam.

Later, the First Slayer attacked all four of them in their dreams. She was offended by their use of the spell, and told Buffy that the Slayer should work alone, without any friends. Buffy rejected this, letting the ancient Slayer know that she was stronger for having them. After this conflict, and a confrontation with none other than the famed vampire Dracula, she began to fully accept her Slayer duties. It was the first time in her entire career as the Slayer that she'd been able to truly embrace the truth of who she was, to embrace her destiny.

Suddenly, a new face appeared in Buffy's life. Her name was Dawn, and she was Buffy's younger sister. Somehow, there was no turbulence in introducing the girl to their lives. Buffy's memories, her mother's memories, her friends memories... All of them now included Dawn. Eventually, however, Buffy discovered that Dawn wasn't actually her sister. She was a mass of mystical energy, known as The Key, which could open massive interdimensional portals. A group of monks took the Key and a part of Buffy to make her into the form of a human, to hide it with the Slayer from a hell-god known as Glorificus. They knew that if they turned The Key into a sister for the Slayer, that Buffy would protect it, would protect Dawn, with her life.

Buffy became estranged from Riley, and their relationship began to fall apart. He needed more emotional intimacy than Buffy could offer, and began to visit vampire brothels. There, he allowed himself to be bitten - often times by female vampires. When Buffy found this out, the relationship came to an abrupt end. Riley returned to the military. Buffy was recovering from yet another failed relationship when she discovered, much to her dismay, that while under experimentation by The Initiative, Spike had been rendered unable to harm humans... and fallen in love with her.

And the hits just kept on coming. Buffy's mother had been experiencing health problems for months, and had just received surgery for a brain tumor. One day, Buffy came home to find her mother on the couch. Joyce had died of an unexpected aneurysm. The trauma was nearly too much for Buffy, but she had to keep pressing on. She took up the role as Dawn's legal guardian. It forced her to drop out of college, but she needed to look after her sister. She had no choice.

During the torrent of her real life, Buffy still struggled to find what being the Slayer really had to mean. Giles took her on a vision quest, where the Guide - the First Slayer herself - told Buffy that death was her gift. She found it confusing, and hurtful, particularly since Joyce had just passed away. The message remained in the back of her mind. When Glorificus finally discovered that Dawn was the Key and captured her, Buffy fell into her subconscious. She fought against her own guilt, against the fact that she had been unable to protect her little sister.

Willow was finally able to draw Buffy back out, and the Scooby Gang attacked Glorificus' stronghold in full force. Buffy was armed with the Enchanted Hammer of Troll God Olaf, as only the weapon of a God could kill a God. Buffy was able to defeat Glorificus, but it was too late. Dawn's blood had been used to open the interdimensional portal, and it had already begun to grow, causing chaos to be unleashed upon the Earth.

As she stood on the brink, her little sister crying that it wasn't until the blood stopped flowing that the portal would be closed, she realized the meaning of the message that the First Slayer had given to her. Death was her gift. It was then that she understood. By sacrificing herself, she would provide the end of the flow to Summers blood - the same blood that flowed through Dawn - and stop the portal. Dawn begged her not to, but Buffy stood firm.

"Dawn, the hardest thing in this world... is to live in it. Be brave. Live. For me."

She sacrificed her own life, diving into the portal and stopping it with the end of her life. It seemed that peace had finally arrived for the young woman. She was in heaven. Everything was light, warm... serene. After four months of Buffy being dead, her friends decided to resurrect her. They were afraid that she had been trapped in some horrific hell dimension, based on how she'd died. She awoke in her casket, terrified. Screaming, crying, and completely distraught, Buffy clawed her way out of the casket, and dug herself out of the grave. She was confused, lost, and bewildered.

Readjusting to being alive again was one of the most difficult things that Buffy ever had to do, especially after learning that her resurrection was the work of none other but her best friends. She had to deal with the everyday stresses of life, as well as cope with the loss that she felt from being ripped out of heaven. She had to pay bills, raise Dawn, and get back into the routine of being the Slayer as well as try to keep her depression a total secret from her friends. She didn't want them to know that she'd been at peace. The only person she told was Spike. It wasn't until a demon by the name of Sweet came to Sunnydale, forcing its residents to live life as a musical with the high price of spilling one's deepest darkest secrets, that her friends found out.

The emotional problems she was having only got worse when Giles returned to England (as he believed that she was floundering while he stayed.) She was desperate to find any sort of feeling, and began a violent and meaningless sexual relationship with Spike. She used him, to feel something; but she was emotionally barren, and he was left unsatisfied in his need for her to actually care about him. All of this piled on top of the normal demon-fighting, and the newly added annoyance of the "Trio" (nerds she'd gone to highschool with and had marginal contact with afterward)... It seemed like life was just throwing one punch after another.

Buffy started working at a burger bar, Doublemeat Palace, to try making ends meet. Her finances were in the toilet just as much as her mood was, and she had to do something to keep Dawn in her custody and continue to pay her bills. She hated the job, finding it boring and degrading. Everything just kept piling up, and she found that she was even more depressed than she'd been before; and she was now disgusted with herself.

Riley showed back up in Sunnydale for a short time, and Buffy snapped to her senses. She broke things off with Spike; told him the truth - that she was only using him. She told him that being with him, letting him do the things to her that she did, was killing her. Spike was confused, and hurt - and one night, he came into her home and attacked her in her bathroom. He attempted to rape her, but she was able to fight him off. Spike was reminded of the monster he truly was, and was terrified by himself. He ran away from Sunnydale as a result.

Things escalated rapidly from that point. Warren Mears, leader of the Trio, charged Buffy with a gun in an attempt to kill her. He managed to injure her, but in his poor aim, a bullet blew through the window and killed Tara. Willow became so enraged and consumed by grief that dark magic completely overtook her, and she sought out revenge against the members of the Trio. She was only able to kill Warren, flaying him alive, before Buffy battled against her best friend. It was the hardest thing Buffy had to do, fighting Willow and telling her that she would stop her no matter what if she had to. Willow defeated her before Giles showed up and came to her aid.

All of the power made Willow feel all the sorrow in the world, so she decided she was going to end it. The world, that is. Buffy and Dawn were trapped underground, unsure of what was going to happen above. Xander was the one who got through to Willow when it came down to the last moments. After the battle, Buffy promised to change the path of self-destruction that she'd gone down, to be there for Dawn. She was finally ready to really live again.

Sunnydale High, recently rebuilt, was accepting students. Among them was Dawn. The Principal, Robin Wood, offered Buffy a job there as a guidance counselor (specifically for troubled students). She accepted happily, ready for a fresh start. Spike came back to Sunnydale, having regained his soul; he was trying to prove himself true to Buffy. She saw the difference, knew that something about him changed. She made sure he knew that she believed in him.

When the Bringers (who worked for the First Evil) began to take out Potential Slayers all over the world, in an attempt to destroy the entire Slayer line, Buffy quickly played adoptive big-sister to several teenage Potentials who fled to Sunnydale for protection. Buffy's house became like a safe haven for them, and more flocked by the day. She took up a position as their leader, as well someone who worked to train them into a Slayer Army that would be able to stand a chance against the First, and the army of Turok-Han "Ubervamps" that came with it.

She contacted the Shadow Men for assistance at one point, who showed her a glimpse of the future and offered to give her a strength booster through the essence of a demon. Buffy, completely against sacrificing her humanity for that power, turned them down. In the midst of all of this, Faith (now reformed and escaped from jail to help Angel) returned to Sunnydale to help Buffy and the Scooby Gang in the battle.

When Buffy learned that Caleb, a priest serving as a minion to the First, had something that belonged to her, she led the Potentials into battle to retrieve it. The battle ended badly, with several casualties - as well as the loss of Xander's eye. The Scoobies and Potentials then turned their backs on Buffy, having lost faith and trust in her, her methods, and abilities to lead. They staged a mutiny, appointing Faith (who wasn't quite as gung-ho about taking over as she might've been in the past) as their leader. Even Dawn turned her back on her sister, and Buffy was forced to leave her own home.

The only person who remained loyal to her was Spike. The love and encouragement that she received from him gave her the strength to continue to fight. She eventually found the object Caleb was keeping from her. It was an ancient weapon, called The Scythe (or the Slayer Scythe). With it, she was able to save Faith and the potentials from a trap that Caleb set for them. This earned her their trust and loyalty once more. Buffy finally made peace with Faith, and revealed her plan to the Potentials. They would use the essence of the Scythe, Willow would cast a spell, to share the powers of a Slayer (endowed only to one girl a generation) with every Potential Slayer, all over the world.


New Jersey : Diet HellmouthEdit

The BasicsEdit


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Life : SerialEdit

Buffy came to New Jersey from Cleveland, Ohio after hearing rumors of demonic activity. She left a few girls back at the Hellmouth to keep things under control, but came to Jersey alone. Because of the fact that most of the information she received was largely based on hearsay, she figured it would be best if she went on her own. The Hellmouth was a definite problem; New Jersey was only potential, and there was no need to drag more Slayers away from Cleveland than absolutely necessary. Once she arrived, however, she was greeted with a much less pleasant message. Everything she'd been hearing about the place had been true. And she found something else out, as well : she couldn't leave once she was there.