• NAME: Castiel, The Angel of Thursday
  • ALIASES: Hawkeye (Because of his personality adapting very much into the M.A.S.H. character's.), Ducky (as referred to by Gregory House for ungiven reasons.)
  • DATE OF BIRTH: Unknown.
  • ABILITIES: Cas has shown himself to have a plethora of preternatural skills. From borderline telekenises, to willing people into a state of rest at a simple touch. He can also heal, and transport people to certain places both in current standing or the past. The most remarkable to date of his talents is the ability to fly. To the human eye it may seem similar to teleportation, it's just much too quick to account for.
  • CORPOREAL FORM: As experienced through Dean, Cas has to use the body of one Jimmy Novak as a method to keep in contact with him and other mortals. His true form is too pure to be looked upon by mankind and will burn the eyes out of a spectator's sockets. As well as this Castiel's true voice can shatter windows and burst ear drums, making the use of the radio salesman all the more needed.


In canon it's been said that Cas exudes an overall vapid and unfeeling dismissal of human whims, residing himself to not venturing into experiencing what he does feel as a method to not become jilted from his task at hand (The Apocalypse) Though Castiel does still feel things, he's very withdrawn and uncertain about them and takes to burying them deep down to call upon later. The only person who's been inflicted with his weakness, feelings, and doubts is Dean Winchester who accepts them with a grain of salt, not expecting the angel to ever press further than acknowledging them.