Dean "Maverick" Winchester

  • Name: Dean Winchester
  • Aliases: Maverick, Alex Bohnam, David Izzard
  • Date Of Birth: January 24th, 1979
  • Age: 31
  • Hometown: Lawrence, Kansas
  • Defining Features: A handprint seared into his bicep, and a brass pendant that hangs around his neck by a leather strap.
  • Family: John Winchester (Father), Mary Winchester (Mother), Sam Winchester (Younger Brother), Adam Milligan (Younger Brother), Bobby (Surrogate Uncle/Father), Ben Braeden (Son)

Prelude to A&A (Maverick's Canon)Edit

From a very young age Dean was the self proclaimed man of the house hold. Before he could long divide he was taking care of situations at home and picking up the pieces of his parents mistakes. His father was a bonified hunter and his mother before becoming pregnant had helped him in his ventures. Still, a driven man can still be very close to a man possessed and John was never home to tend to Mary's needs. There was always the constant fear of him not returning so Dean took it upon himself to comfort his mother Mary and his little brother Sam. For this being a solace to him at such a young age it never quite left his personality, and even after his mother was murdered in cold blood when he was four he continued taking that responsibility and putting the families baggage on his shoulders. Their father with a guilty conscience eventually hit the road to find what had killed his wife and dragged his two sons along, leaving Dean in control of his brother which he took seriously. The two had a bond unrivalled by most other families and even though they distanced as they grew older Sam was still the first person that he came to when John went missing.

It took the brothers two years of hunting and jobs, things they'd gathered from their father's journals and assigned longitudes and latitudes before they rekindled what they had with their father. They didn't get along at first, Sam had become a refined young man and Dean was still the brother that stepped in line and did what he was told. Sam had left to tackle his own goals, things that had nothing to do with the atrociousness of the supernatural world and because of their apparent differences the two ended up butting heads more than they truly got along. With that roadblock there, though, it was still obvious to them both that they were meant to do this, that they were brothers and their differences could never change that. When Dean lost Sam to the trials involving the rest of Azazel's children, he couldn't sit with himself. He had to take it into his own hands... and he sold himself to bring the younger Winchester back. The news only becoming clear to him part way through the year of his experation date and then Sam took it upon himself to change his fate, even acquiring the help of a demon named Ruby who's creed he was told never to trust. In the end, the plight was useless, and Dean was dragged into the pit by the hounds. Sam as you'd imagine didn't take the news well at all.

In the some months that Dean spent suffering in the pit, forty years because of time alterations, Sam delved deeper into his own depression and began a sexual relationship with the demon that had once helped them. It was fueled by embibing her blood and the power that doing so gave him, and after Dean was peeled from the pit by the angels themselves he took the news hard. Attacking them both and outwardly stating his distrust and his issue with everything. The news of the existence of angels came later, and he swore an oath to help their plight, through Castiel who had become his gaurdian.

Not even the angel's could stop them from opening all of the seals and releasing Lucifer, and as the end drew nearer the relationship of the trio grew more turbulent. Dean and Sam had full out separated for weeks and done their own things. Dean continued hunting and Sam became a bus boy. Zachariah, one of the angels, presented Dean with his future. One full of things he'd never want for himself and never want for Sam and the world, and the painful knowledge of these facts caused the boys to rekindle their relationship. The end draws nearer every day and things become more and more apparent and doubtful between the three. Dean wavers between doubt and his own rage, though, and will do anything to justify himself and right his own wrongs.

Angels and AssesEdit

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