• NAME: Dean Matthew Winchester
  • ANGEL: Michael
  • DATE OF BIRTH: January 24 / 32.
  • OCCUPATION: Hunter / Security guard at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital.
  • ALIASES: Dean, Deano, Dee, Deanie (none of which people can call him), and Goose (to tell him apart from the other Deans in the community).
  • ABILITIES: None. Human. Michael however is a badass angel. As an angel, Michael has the basic abilities that seems to be a growing trend within him and his brothers. Super strength, the ability to heal ( his host at the very least ), disintergate individuals, read minds, and teleport are just the couple of things that he can do. Along with forcibly putting someone to sleep with a touch or as Michael has demonstrated in the past -- changing the memories of certain individuals. As an archangel, Michael is unlike most. He is the leader of the seven that are sent here to defend the world from falling into Lucifer's grasp so he has a certain amount of power. His strength, and something he is notable for, is a flame sword that he uses when he can. Things tend to break in his presence and unlike other angels, his wings are not 'dark shadows' but flames. He has also mastered cloaking his aura so that people (demons and angels alike).


Dean is typically a ruthless and aggressive individual, especially when he is hunting, a task which he approaches euphorically. He passionately despises what he hunts, especially demons, and is prepared to kill without question more often than not, unlike his brother. However, despite these traits, Dean is very laid-back and well-disposed when not on the hunt, and he values the safety of his family and innocent civilians above all else, even his own life. Though on occasion he can be somewhat impulsive and/or arrogant, Dean is both extremely intelligent and competent, and the only situations in which he exhibits irrational behavior is when his family is threatened. Dean enjoys the uncomplicated things in life, such as good food and television. He almost constantly displays some level of humorous behavior, and he frequently makes light of tense situations, often making inappropriate jokes or using sexual innuendo. He sometimes appears foolish due to this habit, but it has been entailed that this is merely his means of dealing with the stress of hunting. He attempts to be something of a womanizer, but has been in love with at least one woman. He has the capacity to become close with a woman, however, and it has been suggested on occasion throughout the series that this is what Dean truly desires, a normal life, with a wife, children and a regular job. After he was extracted from Hell by Castiel, Dean began to exhibit noticeable anxiety and experience chronic, abominable nightmares of his experience there, apparently every time he closes his eyes. He at first denied remembering anything of his time in Hell, but eventually he confessed to his brother that he did in fact remember every detail, but rejected any discussion about it, either not wishing to burden his brother with his pain or not wanting to live over the details of the "indescribable things" he saw. It is later revealed he not only saw terrible things, but was tortured (in Hell time) for around forty years. However, he also states, despite his strength to last thirty years without torturing other souls so as to escape the torment himself, he finally broke down and took on the role of torturer himself, torturing countless souls, before he was resurrected by Castiel. Dean's experience in Hell left a profound mark on him. He exhibits extreme grief and guilt, both for his actions and for the fact that he eventually gave in. Due to this, he believes he was unworthy of rescue. He has also explained to his brother that he wishes he couldn't feel anything, as the sorrow he feels is so overwhelming. He has also become obsessed with saving people, almost not sleeping in order to save as many as he can. Dean states it is not just the fact he tortured, but the fact he enjoyed it which causes his sorrow, as he could finally put his pain on other tortured souls.

The LifeEdit

The history of the Winchesters were paved in much more than just the random happenstance of John Winchester and Mary Campbell's union when they were teenagers. In fact, if it hadn't been for Dean there wouldn't have been the circumstance as to what they were dealing with today.

The events leading up to his parents engagement were some of the most will-reckoning events that anyone from a young age would deal with. However, it was something that would
inadvertently shape the destinies of Mary Winchester's sons to the point where normalcy was a warm gun and a chilling pizza on the counter in a motel. Consistently so, the arrival of Dean Winchester was nine months after their Honeymoon. Dean was the considerably "lucky" one when it came to him and his little brother; for the first four years of his life he lived in a happy home and when his little brother was announced by his parents. He was more than happy to discover he was going to be a big brother. When Sam was born, however, it did mark the eve of a bigger change in his life than just a little brother to love and protect. But it meant that six months after his birth--his mother would die, and along with that the "normal, safe, and happy" life he was used too. It was a noticeable descent for anyone with eyes when it came to his father slipping into a pit of darkness and obsession of the thing that had killed his mommy. But he was more focused on his little brother to deal with his own conflicting feelings for the loss of the matriarch of the Winchester household. When their dad was obsessing over what had happened, most of the time bringing them to seedy motels because someone had pointed in that direction--he was taking care of his little brother. When his father started hunting, he was learning to defend the motel room while he was gone. More memorably when it came to his own training as Dean would always remember when it came to his father; especially since ever from the beginning it was seen that Dean was meant for the hunting life. From saving his little brother from being burnt alive at four to getting a bull's eye for every can at age six.

Ever since he was a young child, he was saving his little brother or protecting the home base from the forces of evil. Dean had made it a point to make sure Sam kept his innocence as long as possible when it came to either allowing him to allow to know that their father wasn't some traveling salesman or as Dean would try to pass off as "super hero like Batman and Bruce Wayne". Enriching his younger brother's imagination that their father didn't do it for the revenge and the revenge alone even if the truth was that very fact. Their father was someone who had a one track mind. Sam didn't need to know that and he certainly didn't want to acknowledge the fact that he was playing brother, mother, and father to his younger brother but he was already prepping himself for the life his father was preparing for him. It was a weight on his shoulders that he possibly didn't want but had no way of saying "no" when it came down to everything. He was successful in his venture of protecting his little brother until one night that both almost got Sam killed and had the respect he had from his father when a Shtriga came into the motel room after his "cabin fever" got to the point where he'd left the room for a while. From then on, Dean was always the "good soldier" when it came to trying to please their father. Which only seemed to prove, later on, to his own brother's disgust in him. However, protecting his younger brother from the supernatural forces (which meant in his terms of keeping him out of it) only lasted for so long. Sam was intelligent enough to make it so that he discover it on his own even if Dean tried to deflect his questions in his own special way. It was Christmas Eve when Sam finally discovered what their father really did. It was than where Sam gave his protection necklace.

After that it was an escalation for Dean when it came to the "family business". By sixteen he was a full-fledged hunter; after high school there was no options of college or normalcy. Dean went straight on to living still with their family unit, becoming John's longstanding partner-in-crime as much as his brother had told him that he had a choice outside of being some deadbeat who lived their father's obsession. Sam didn't know that it was the only life his brother knew.

Everything was certainly followed in a series of events where his brother would "abandon" by trying for the normal life he knew Sam longed for no matter what. It was a life unattainable by Dean but when it came to his younger brother. There was a chance for both hope and a future with a white picket fence and no monsters coming out of the darkness with the hope of taking their lives. He knew that it was more than just wanting normalcy for his little brother. It was becoming something he'd always wanted to become. He didn't exactly know that he would get so close to attaining it before it was swiped from his brother's grip. Dean was far too focused dealing with being the lesser son and feeling abandoned by the only other person he had in the world. Once again, like always, his focus became his father's obsession. He becoming the living embodiment of this obsession's effect on John's children as he skated through life hussling and conning people to get his job done. Hunting was his destiny--even if he didn't believe in some ways that it was. His reputation of being a "ladies man" following closely after him as he went into adulthood as someone who had different women every other night. Dean's stint of being this "ladies man" stopping briefly as he began dating Cassie Robinson, someone that for once, he believed he'd be willing to give up the life to be with. But once explaining what he really did when he wasn't around and her conclusion that he was insane only made Dean slip back into hunting worse than ever. Figuring that "civilian" life was not something for him. This, of course, happened when he was hunting solo apart from hunting along side his father like he was used too.

It wasn't until John didn't check in that he was worried. It wasn't until he came to the conclusion that he was missing that he pulled Sammy out of his dream life that he went looking for him. Unfortunately for the both of them--their lives would shift so dramatically that normalcy Sam had was a distant, smoked filled dream. And Dean both rescued him from the fire once again in his life. But also was the passenger in an obsession that would possibly end up taking his brother's life if he wasn't too careful. Hunting once again, picked up in the lives of both brother's who had suffered through a childhood of dealing with their father's obsession. Sam constantly haunted by the memory of his dead girlfriend who had been caught in the fire of what seemed to haunt their family. Dean did what he could do to keep his brother from turning into the man he hated--their father, while they continued their search not only for the demon who had been hunting their family since Sam's six month birthday but to reconnect to the man who started it all for them. The hunts and the family discoveries were primarily all the hunting had to offer for both of them. From picking him up, Dean knew that the ties that held them close as adolescents had all but faded in disdain when it came to his younger brother who was more focused on himself and how he affected the world then the task at hand. Unfortunately, Dean was either too invested in the hunt, the search, or being there for his brother that he didn't rightly call him on that.

However, as much as Sam had "changed" and Dean remained "the same". Their relationship as brothers had all but faded. Needless to say, the time apart before clashing back together had made it stronger. Dean's main focus of being the "good brother" to Sam was the one thing that urged him to move forward in his life even upon being reunited with him. The hunting continued...

As many times as they saved each others asses when it came to the hunts. It was a rush with a rawhead and being electrocuted that had Dean facing his own fragile humanity in the way that made Sam have to step up and play hero for once. Needless to say it was no moment of "strength" in his eyes that made him feel like he was man. He was ready to face death pitifully in the face to the point where Sam stepped in and getting him the "help" he needed which ended up being one of his own groundbreaking hunts when it dealt with him, his faith (or lack thereof), and his humanity. Even before that the hunts proved to be something that not only were showing them the tip of how teamwork would allow them to survive through the night but also that humans were not there friends. Dean learning this more than ever when it came to an incident with a shapeshifter that had him pegged as a wanted murderer for a while before they killed it in the form of the elder Winchester, thus getting him off the map as the time goes. All of this just made it much easier on him when it came crescendo that ended up with getting right in the nit-and-gritty. The crescendo of this "epic battle" being the first level of leading up to this with appearance of the seemingly innocent girl Meg Masters and later on the retrieval of the Colt, the only weapon that could destroy demons.

Meg Masters; someone that Dean could have seen as a potential love interest for his younger brother was only dangling them as bait to have their father come out of the woodwork. Apparently, John Winchester made a bigger splash in the demonic underworld than he intended too. Dean's being so much on the hunt that it was Sam that had the suspicions on the girl that had showed up not once but twice in his life. Something that no hunter would say coincidence and go for cocktails with the person. This proving to be something of a correct assumption which led to an ill conceived reunion between the three standing Winchesters before once again separating. The next reunion, however, would have them all three hunting together once again to retrieval what would become their greatest weapon. It was also the start of the beginning for one of the Winchesters. Meg, the demonic bitch, would soon go around murdering contacts just to get her hands on the Colt and flush out their father--which succeeded except for one venture in this subject. She didn't count on them having the mind to become the Calvary which would have been the case if it wasn't for them dealing with the very demon they had been hunting gracing them with their presence. Something that had Sam biting at the bit to get a hold of him while it just had Dean wanting to bid their time and save their ammo. Something Sam didn't quite care for which ended up being the third time Dean saved his brother from the fire (this time rushing into the fire) and the first time he tried to say they needed to slow down a bit when it came to the hunt before turning their focus on the retrieval of their father.

Enter in Bobby Singer, who would end up being a permanent staple in the boys lives. The older hunter showing them the ropes of what would be their first exorcism while standing at the caverns of the end of the world. Exorcising the likes of Meg Masters after getting the information they needed (and Dean creating what seemed to be a permanent enemy of the demon that lived in the girl's body). This would lead them to the moment where the boys would be face-to-face with the Yellow Eyed Demon in their father's body who took the opportunity after catching them somewhat off-guarded to torture Dean for killing his "children". Something that was only stopped by their father who had taken control for a set amount of time giving Sam the window of opportunity to destroy the demon for good even if it meant killing their father. Sam, however, listened to his brother's screams not to do it only to have his deed of sparing their father open the window of them trying to get out of dodge only to be crushed by a mack truck. Dean's life hanging in the balance even before the crash. Rescue came hours later, Dean sustaining injuries that put him on the verge of death. Not only that. But pretty much signed his death certificate. Dean spent the majority of the time having an "out of body experience" forced to watch the impact of what was happening to his brother without having a voice to get help or assist. He, instead, put all of his energy on figuring out what was "haunting" the hospital. Something that ended up being death personified in the form of an appealing woman.

Even while being the fighter he was, his main point of "surviving" that was so that his brother wouldn't be forced to live on his own. That the "good fight" would not lose him as a warrior. In the eve of "dying", Dean pretty much accepted his death but it wasn't to come to pass. John had taken the measures he planned to take to save his son. By making a deal with the Yellow Eyed Demon to bring him back. John had enough time after making the deal to say he was sorry and to give Dean a departing warning about his younger brother. Something that would constantly haunt the older brother afterward before heading into the other room to "meet his maker" as per the deal that he had made. Something that would end up haunting Dean throughout everything he's done. During the duration of dealing with their father's death bearing down on his shoulders he is also the keeper of his dying secret that he intends to keep from his younger brother. This being that Sam was destined to turn evil like the "other children" like him which would be revealed on a much later date. Almost immediately after meeting his father--they met Ellen and Jo Harvelle. Jo, almost instantly catching his eye, but the young woman had come into his life right when he was dealing with much more than what he was used to dealing with. Initially turning her down from any sort of "romance" in their lives. It ended up being his swan song when it came to romantic views in life. His focus turned to a much more darker one. Destroying the demon that had taken his father and coming to terms that John had gone to Hell so that he would live.

As it came to light, Dean would reveal to his brother their father's decision after dealing with a number of the "psychic children". That if Sam went darkside, he would have to kill him. Something Dean knew he was incapable of doing. Though the capability of killing in the name of protecting his brother was not above him.

It would, however, be later revealed that not only should Dean have the fear of his brother going darkside but a much more real life fear of going to prison for life. The Winchesters discovering that not only that they are wanted by the FBI, but that there was no doubt that Dean would spend the rest of his life in prison. Something that he easily came to terms with before making his escape. It was, however, an unforeseen roadblock in their continuing hunt. Their attention to the FBI "incident" was overshadowed by Sam's new obsession to be normal and stay good. Even if Sam was pretty much facing a bleak future. Dean's world and loyalty in Sam was rocked when his brother went missing for a week. This overall taking Dean's worst fears to unexpected measures before it was revealed that Sam was alive--just not well. It took a run-in with Jo and discovering that his brother was not turning evil anytime soon to alleviate his fears that he had failed. It did introduce him to a familiar enemy in the form of the demon that he'd exorcised almost a year prior. Time practically flew by to the moment where he knew that his life had finally crashed, when he'd allowed Sam out of his eye sight not that very long before the talltale signs of sulfur (showing a demonic presence) and the murdered victims of the monster that had come in while Sam went in was left in the wake. Dean's obsessive searching for Sam brought him back into connection with Bobby (who was now slowly becoming his father figure); trying to find his brother. He did...find him, but only when it was too late.

They arrived just in time to watch Sam get stabbed in the back while making his mistake. The older brother's world practically crushing on the spot as he rushed to his brother--Sam dying in his arms. Dean's life became as he deemed worthless, as did the world. His reason for existing and the motivation to protect the younger man had him stowing away the corpse in a cabin while he drowned himself in alcohol and wished for something to happen. He, instead, decided not to wait after a visit from Bobby begging him to get back into the fight rocked his world. Dean made the quiet decision to do something about it. This being going to the Crossroad's and summoning a demon to make a deal with. He practically begged with his own life for his brother's--which ended to be what made the demon more enticed with his decision. Effectively bringing back Sam back and giving Dean a year on the counter. Something Sam would start holding over his head, but only after the epic battle between Yellow Eyes and attempting to stop his murderer (Jake Talley) from opening Hell. While succeeding in killing both Jake and YED, they were unsuccessful in stopping the opening of Hell and releasing the legions of demons onto an unsuspecting world. It was, however, heartbreaking to him to reveal to his younger brother that he was going to die in a year for him. But it was a sacrifice he was more than willing to make.

After that, Dean started "living" like it was his last year on Earth (and it was). He wasn't exactly going to let himself miss out on the experience even while his brother obsessed over saving him. He just obsessed over living enough to say that he was alive. Even if his lack of connections had denied him what he really wanted out of life which was to make a serious impact on the world. Dean was a hunter--so thus, he was a vanishing hero more than anything else in his life.


Life in New JerseyEdit

The original addition to Dean when it came to arriving to New Jersey was long after Jimmy's "time share" with Castiel began while he was still allowed to move freely through state to state until a hunt gone awry; brought him and his little brother to his friend's aid without any prior knowledge to the sort of help he sought out after being wounded. Needless to say, with Jimmy returned control in the state his guardian had been in then it was a spiral downhill from there. Concern made him originally stay in Jersey rather than booking it to go for another hunt with the threat of Lucifer hanging in the air. It wasn't exactly "idiotic" as much as it was just him being concerned over his best friend. Something he generally didn't seem to be too concerned about it until it was looming over his own head that the things that he and his little brother were doing would end up getting someone killed and Castiel was basically the one person who considered himself to be their personal shield from any outright demonic attacks. Eventually, Dean returned back to hunting without paying any attention to the events in New Jersey since he had an Apocalypse to worry about more than anything else. Dean didn't tend to like to stick to one place for much too long but when the attacks and demonic omens started occuring more and more in New Jersey the hunter made his permanent place in Jersey in a motel room next to his little brother's. Occasionally hunting as he became accustomed living in one place. Most of the time he just went out, but never really left the state. Unknownst to him, he had lost the capability to do so (which wouldn't make him very happy in the least bit if he had discovered it during the entire mess that became living in New Jersey amongst a bunch of angels and his absent little brother most of the time.

Falling for Castiel.Edit

It started out, vaguely, with a stupid crush that he was unaware of for the most part. Dean's focus wasn't on the angel or the angel's newfound friendships within the hospital but more so just himself, his little brother (who had gone his separate ways after not truly trusting him), and the end of the world. In this reality, he kept off the radar from being picked off by one of Zachariah or the Angel Squad's flunkies who constantly seemed to be after him to get him to say yes to the archangel Michael. Something Dean had been entirely against the entire time. His mind wasn't on any sort of relationship that could be hatched because as far as he saw it. They were all going to die sooner or later. Unfortunately, this was entirely wrong. Dean first became aware of Castiel's feelings for him after a discussion with Gabriel and a very public discussion over what may have been brewing between the both of them but was completely and utterly ignored by the Apocalypse-filled hunter who knew it was his responsbility to save the world. He never truly had a full intention to building something between himself and his best friend under the time came when he would have to deal with it. Instead of saying 'no' as Dean would have meant too in another universe. Dean did something that may have been remotely out of character for him by acting on his feelings after a short pow wow with himself which resulted in the beginning of his and Castiel's relationship as it seemed be. But nothing for Dean was ever going to be easy.

Saying "yes" to MichaelEdit

As off-putting and strange as life in New Jersey had become for Dean. It was never as difficult as having to deal with an angel who was being chastized by his superiors and peers for not being able to succeed in getting some meek human to do one simple thing. Zachariah was not exactly his BFFL forever, but he did a wonderful job evading him and his cronies while living in New Jersey. Zachariah came up with the perfect plan and exacted it precisely to what was on his mind. By putting Dean into a coma via a car accident where he couldn't run away from them and was forced to listen to the things that Michael intended to do to his loved ones. It was enough for him to make a deal with the archangel to be in the same situation as Castiel and Jimmy which is essentially a "time share" for his body even if he hardly has any control over the events that happen when Michael is in control. This prompts a "yes" from the Winchester when he agrees and when he awakens -- it's no longer Dean but an angered Michael in his rightful vessel, who attacks Castiel (breaking his leg) before departing with the hunter to start gathering the forces of the garrison to start in on the attack of Lucifer's already established forces.

Archangel MichaelEdit

Michael is an Archangel and one of the Four angels who have seen God face to face - the others being Lucifer, Gabriel, and Raphael. Michael commands The Host of Heaven.. Amongst the Archangels, Michael is the oldest. Lucifer refers to him as his older brother. Michael can be summoned to Earth via a summoning ritual In order for this to work one must shout the incantation: "Zodiredo noco aberamage nazodpesade." Generally speaking, Michael is all business. The archangel sees little importance in personal relationships ( or he did at first ) and is just along for the ride. His main intent is only for one thing and one thing only which is to complete his destiny by defeating his brother and bringing the world to Paradise. Like most angels he shows a balant disregard to humanity and human life. He's the embodiment of what most assume is nature when it comes to all angels by way of being "a dick". He's blunt, without any knowledge of how to communicate with people. He's essentially as Castiel was before but a little more narrow-minded. His only friendship currently lies with Claire Bennet whom has been the only one to date to get him to even show a little bit of humanity.


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