Dr. Gregory House, MD

A diagnostician with specializations in infectious diseases and nephrology. He works as the Chief of Diagnostic Medicine at the fictional Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital, and there heads a team of diagnosticians. At first, he seems like a curmudgeonly cripple with a penchant for narcotics but there's more to him than what is seen on first impressions.

Life Prior the IncidentEdit

Gregory House was born on June 11, 1959 to John and Blythe House (although he later deduces at the age of 12 that he was the result of an affair between his mother and a Unitarian pastor). House is a "military brat"; his father served as a Marine Corps pilot and transferred often to other bases during House's childhood.

House initially attended Johns Hopkins University as an undergraduate, studying medicine at the Johns Hopkins Medical School. He was up for a scholarship at the Mayo Clinic, however, during his medical education, he was caught cheating by a co-student named Philip Weber who ultimately got him expelled.He then attended the University of Michigan in order to finish his medical study. In Michigan, while working at the bookstore, he met his future boss Lisa Cuddy with whom he shared (in his words) "a passionate yet forgetful" one-night stand. During a medical convention in New Orleans that he attended shortly after graduating medical school, House first saw his eventual friend Dr. James Wilson among a "sea of boring people" after Wilson got served his first divorce papers. During a game of golf, he suffered an infarction in his right leg which went misdiagnosed for three days due to doctors' concerns that he was exhibiting drug-seeking behavior. (House eventually diagnosed the infarction himself.) An aneurysm in his thigh had clotted leading to an infarction and causing his quadriceps muscle to become necrotic. Stacy Ward, his girlfriend at the time, decided not to amputate and went for the middle ground and removed the dead tissue, causing the characteristic severe pain that crippled House for the rest of his life.

Silent HillEdit

After surviving an event mostly referred as The Incident, House is always alert to that dreaded siren sound and sometimes he slips back to the Fog World or even worse...the Otherworld. He did, however, gain some control over the transitions, if only to glimpse into patients' minds and/or send them there. The rule is: Piss him off once, expect a ten-minute visit to hell; piss him off again and pack your bags, you're in the Fog World; try and kill him and you might as well shoot yourself, you're in the Otherworld. This isn't without it's drawbacks as it causes debilitating headaches and bleeding. House would've remained trapped forever in the hellish dimension, had Xuchilbara not interfered. In exchange for a piece of his soul, the Assistant promised House not to infect New Jersey again and he will not die as long as he remains useful.

Angels and AssesEdit

By fate, House met Jimmy Novak one night as the latter was getting used to the idea of being a hunter while Castiel, his Host, was gone to tend other reasons. Gradually, what was a sexual relationship became much deeper as the bitter doctor fell for the broken accountant, forming a makeshift family with his daughter Claire and later adopted son Joshua. House's atheism was put to the test once he met Castiel and was informed of the angel's involvement in the Apocalypse. Along the way, the doctor became more versed in controlling his Silent abilities but even then, he cannot stop death from happening around him.

Storyline EventsEdit

Siren CallEdit

House, along with Dean and Chase, were trapped within PPTH when the Fog laid siege to the land. Having had survived this before, the doctor began seraching for others who were inside and alive. After a time of search, all three heard the screams of Castiel being tortured by the archdemon and Dean's previous master, Alastair. They could only watch in horror as the angel of Thursday was flayed alive, while Gabriel was trapped in a circle of holy fire and Jane overpowered and locked outside. In his shock, House tried to keep Jimmy's organs from spilling out of his body and, just like Dean, tried to dissuade Valtiel from taking the body. He then handed Cas's stained trench coat to the older Winchester and kept Jimmy's bloody ring in his mourning. As a result, House relapsed severely in his old drug ways to the point that he fluttering between consciousness. It became such that he even hallucinated his then-dead fiancee and drew comfort in the respite. House managed to sober up enough to talk to Jane long enough to help him face a monstrous version of his father and help Cuddy survive the rest of the event.


House takes the case of the mysterious plague afflicting the general population, mainly because Joshua and Claire are infected by it as well as several key people in the hospital. He takes Future-Castiel's death to heart but remains resolute to figure out a cure before anyone else joins him.He is severely doubtful that it is a Biblical plague, especially since it took place three weeks after the Siren Call, and deduces that it is an unknown parasite. After having a chat with Anna about a psychotic Dean, House has his Eureka moment: the plague is an accelerated and Silent version of malaria released by Pestilence for, in his own words, "shits and giggles". He writes it on his whiteboard, alerting Cuddy to bring in shipments of antimalarials. At the end, House finally manages to catch up to his now-recovering children and is found by Jimmy with a storybook called The Girl Without Hands.

Crimson SacrificeEdit

As soon as Patricia Jane came back from the dead, House was immediately suspicious as to how and why it happened, contrary to her father. As a side query, the doctor investigated deeper into the ritual used for the resurrection and Red John's connection to it. Unfortunately, the serial killer caught on and brutally murdered Greg in his own home to make his point clear. As a ghost while his body was reconstructed, the doctor orchestrated various mechanisms to lead Cuddy and Buffy to help Patrick and protect his family while he was gone. Things between the mentalist and the diagnostician came to a head when the latter returned from the dead (with temporary amnesia) and confronted him with the facts: although Red John was active again, Jane had to learn to let others aid him in his revenge, particularly a certain archangel...

Inhibition Edit



House has barely any respect for the supernatural and tends to call people by insults, or nicknames (eg. Cassie the Bitchy/Bipolar/PMSing angel at the beginning, now Ducky). He openly disregards anyone who tries to command him and would rather have the truth than not. In regards to his family, he'll stop at nothing to protect them, including murder and sacrificing his own organs to assure their safety. As a doctor, most regard him as a maverick, trying unconventional methods for diagnosis and treatments to get his answers, even trying some on himself. As a person, he's crude, sarcastic, and to the point in both his arguments and flirtations. A cynic and skeptic to a fault, House tends to dismiss ideas or treatments that have no foundations. House's personality is most likely a deliberate attempt to alienate those who want to get to know him better as it avoids the pain of disappointment.


House dotes on his adopted children and cares for them deeply as if they were his own, often referring to them as his own son and daughter. The reason behind this love is a longing and subconscious need to be remembered by someone other than his coworkers, to leave a posterity as he fears fathering a child would pass on the Pact with Xuchilbara. He, like Jimmy, tries to shield them from the horrors they could face from the supernatural and the mundane. He refers to Claire by her name as well 'Kiddo' and Josh as his little brat.


Jimmy Novak/CastielEdit

House's most complex relationship. Contrary to what the nurses believed, Jimmy was not House's first sexual tryst with a man, batting both men and women in the past. It was something akin 'deflowering a virgin' due to Novak's traditional views of the world and yet his sarcastic wit kept the doctor interested. After a few run-ins and learning of Novak's situation, House allowed him to live in his home and from there the relationship grew deeper. It was also during this time that he met Castiel, forming a tumultous relationship that resulting violent discussions over the wellbeing of Jimmy's body. Because of his aversion to child abuse, House had no qualms when Claire moved in when Amelia became emotionally abusive. It also marked a point in the relationship as the normally closed-off doctor was able to tell Jimmy his true sentiments one time he was especially thrashed by Castiel's battles.

Lisa CuddyEdit

Aside from the antagonistic dynamic of boss-employee, House tends to be mildly flirtatious with Cuddy, mostly for fun and stress-relief. Inwardly, she is the person that House trusts the most in the hospital, confiding in her about his then-secret relationship with Novak. He reluctantly confesses that during the first Fog infection, he saw Lisa die in a horrific manner and did nothing to stop it because he was afraid. When she felt cut off from the supernatural goings-on at the hospital; House entrusted the very knife he had used for the Pact as well as intimate knowledge of the Silent, both the Fog World and the Otherworld.