House's best friend, Dr. James Evan Wilson was up until recently unaware of the events that were happening in PPTH, much to Cuddy's surprise. In truth, there might be more to Wilson than what is underneath his boyish persona.

Life before A&AEdit

Wilson, one of three brothers from a Jewish household, has an undergraduate degree from McGill University, and graduate degrees from Columbia and the University of Pennsylvania. During a medical convention in New Orleans that he attended shortly after graduating medical school, Wilson accidentally broke an antique mirror and started a bar fight when a man, allegedly House, repeatedly played "Leave A Tender Moment Alone" by Billy Joel to the frustration of Wilson, who had just been informed by his first wife's lawyer of her wish to divorce him. Out of interest, House bailed him out and hired an attorney to clear his name, thus starting their professional and personal relationship.

House describes Wilson as "a buddy of mine people say 'Thank you' to, when he tells them they are dying" and theorizes that Wilson feels a need to "fix" the vulnerable women he meets. When they become well-adjusted with Wilson's help, he becomes discontent and moves on, otherwise known as an "emotional vampire". As the diagnostician's best friend, Wilson has gone through trials and tribulations, ranging from losing his job to facing jail time for perjury and falsifying documents.

The IncidentEdit

I can contain him, but I don't know for how long…I just hope House can figure all this out before that other me takes over completely…House, if you're watching this; I'm so sorry… - Wilson's Video to House (Promise)

This came to a head when Amber Volakis died. Xuchilbara (in his previous form of a 12 year old Alessa Gillespie) heard Wilson's cries and vengeful wishes, after his girlfriend passed away by what he thought was House's fault. The Red God offered retribution for the grieving man, to make his best friend pay. In that moment of weakness and sorrow, James agreed and allowed Xuchilbara to infect the town, using him as the conduit. Instantly, Wilson regretted the decision, but managed to contain the Fog World back after a day and a half of torture and massacre. Throughout House's misadventure through the Fog World, Wilson kept their friendship alive by sending him puzzles and clues as to what really happened. With the last of his newfound Silent ability, Wilson created the White Room to enclose himself and keep the monsters at bay. When House finally found Wilson, he then wished for his best friend to forget the horrible crimes he had committed. For six months, Wilson seemed to not have a memory but it was a ruse for Xuchilbara to prepare his soul and take over completely. House went to the origin in Silent Hill and from there, he struck a deal with the Red God: have a fragment of his soul and leave James alone.

It is thought that Wilson, not House, was the true Host for Xuchilbara as it was his wish that summoned him. This was practically negated when House made the Pact in his place and used his own ability to lock down his friend's memories and powers, along with everyone else's memories of the Incident. Should Wilson remember what he had done and not gain control, he will become unstable and throw off the precarious balance that exists in New Jersey, dragging the state that much closer to that of Silent Hill and Shepherd's Glen.


As a pre-emptive measure, House placed a veil over his best friend once the angels started arriving, keeping him out of the loop for months at a time. There were some breaches but none were as permanent. This changed when Castiel 'blessed' the diagnostician and Cuddy explained the situation at hand. Wilson believes that what happened two years ago was a horrible car accident from which he only remembers bits and pieces.

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