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Dr. Lisa Cuddy MD

Lisa Cuddy, MD, is the Dean of Medicine and hospital administrator of Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey. She is also one of the sanest persons to find in Jersey, runnnig both the hospital and keeping the peace in the turbulent atmosphere that is Silent Jersey and the Apocalypse.

Life before A&AEdit

She began dreaming of becoming a doctor when she was twelve, graduated from medical school at age twenty-five as second best in her class, and became the first female and second youngest Dean of Medicine ever at age thirty-two. Cuddy attended the University of Michigan, where she first met Gregory House, her future employee, with whom she shared a one night stand.

Years later, when House suffered an infarction in his right leg prior to the beginning of the series, he was treated by Cuddy at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. Under Cuddy's care and the order of his Medical Proxy, House's then girlfriend of five years Stacy Warner, the dead muscle in his leg was removed against House's explicit wishes after he was put into an induced coma, leaving House with a permanent disability and chronic pain. After hiring House to run the hospital's diagnostics department, Cuddy began setting aside $50,000 a year from the hospital's budget for potential legal expenses.

Angels & AssesEdit

The IncidentEdit

"They were happy, House. I couldn't help but feel a little jealous. I mean, all I've ever wanted was to have a child; that would make me so happy."-Lisa commenting on Chase and Cameron's death

Lisa was present during the first Incident, at first trapped inside her unlocked office when House arrived to the changed hospital. She was the first to see Wilson and tried to lead both patients and staff to safety. It was through her request that Allison Cameron was then killed by the creature referred as Pyramid Head. When House finally found her, she was about to be devoured by physical manifestations of her desire to have children. Her mental endurance was put to the test once more when Dark Wilson made his presence known and took responsibility for the horrors plaguing the hospital. After House and Foreman watched Chase's suicide by fire, Cuddy was trapped in a cage to be impaled by Pyramid Head had Greg not figured out the true purpose of the creature.He and Lisa shared one last kiss before he set out to find Wilson's video. Cuddy disobeyed House's last order and was later found in her office, surrounded by Grey Children. She told him that she'd rather stay in the Nightmare than go back. The last sight Greg saw of her, she began bleeding out of every opening in her face and allowed the monsters to devour her. House regretted having run away than try to save her but it provided him with the catalyst to make the decision to save or kill his best friend.

Sitting on the throne during the ApocalypseEdit

With no memory of the Incident, Cuddy went about her life, unaware of the circumstances. She met and befriended House's then sexual partner, Jimmy, providing him with emotional support for when times became hard. Like House, she was skeptical of the existance of angels but was persuaded otherwise when she met Castiel. Thinking that angels and demons could be locked or incapacitated with medical science, she volunteered to be Castiel's impromptu vessel in a reckless experiment to solve the puzzle. Sadly, the inhibitor had no real effect in more powerful demons and angels, but Lisa refused to give up. Over the course of the months, she became a close confidant to both Jimmy and House, letting them speak out and divulge secrets. House trsuted her enough to give her the Sacred Knife he used to seal his Pact with the Red God as a way to defend herself during the Fog.

Stubborn as she was, Cuddy was outspoken in her disdain for angels and their treatment of their vessels, watching Castiel not feed Jimmy for days at a time. She and Jimmy had a slight falling out over this but, once House confessed to her feelings of isolation, they mended over a session in how to properly defend oneself with demons.

She now serves as the administrative force in PPTH, trying to keep normalcy above all, even with the knowledge that she has.


  • Cuddy shared in some aspects that of Lisa Garland, the nurse assigned to Alessa Gillespie in Silent Hill. They both had the same first name, the manner in which they were found by the protagonist (hiding in unlocked offices), strong personalities that weathered into insanity, and the manner in which they died.