The colloquial name for one of two shifts, the Fog World is a parallel dimension brought on by Silent Jersey, continuing the pattern found in Shepherd's Glen and, of course, Silent Hill. As it name states, it covers the land with a thick and nigh impenetrable layer of fog. Within


Although not as lethal as the hellish Otherworld, it is still a hostile place. Bloodied corpses are not an uncommon sight, nor are wrecked cars. Foggy Jersey is often with many normal doors inexplicably jammed or with broken locks, refusing to allow passage. Also, many doors are locked and the keys to the doors are hidden in bizarre ways as well as doors and passages found in unexpected places such as a soda machine. Built like a labyrinth, the Fog World is the first instance people begin to see their deepest fears and secrests in twisted and disturbing creatures. Another trait of the Fog World is the prevalence of puzzles, to which the person uses to find keys and clues as to why he/she is in the dimension in the first place.