Jimmy Novak

An AM Radio Salesman who became the part-time vessel for Castiel, James "Jimmy" Novak led an unassuming life until he prayed to God to be of any use to him. Before that, he was married to Amelia Novak (deceased) and father to Claire Novak. Currently, he poses part-time as a pediatrician in Princeton-Plainsboro, father to an adopted son born from circumstances and engaged to Greg House.

Pre-Time ShareEdit

Jimmy is a devout Christian who was chosen by Castiel to be his Vessel. Jimmy prayed for years to assist the Lord. Castiel proves his existence to Jimmy through miracles such as allowing him to plunge his arm into boiling water unharmed. His wife, Amelia Novak does not believe him and begs him to get psychiatric help.

After Castiel possesses him, around the time he saves Dean from hell, he leaves his family for over a year, only to return when Castiel is recalled to Heaven for "reindoctrination" after concern from his superiors that he was becoming disobedient and too close to Dean. However, demons eventually track him down, putting his family in danger. His wife becomes possessed and shoots him, but when Castiel possesses his daughter Claire Novak, Jimmy (near death) begs to be allowed to be his vessel again in her stead.

Angels & AssesEdit

After Jimmy suffered a mental breakdown two years after the initial taking, Castiel bestowed mercy upon him and made him an open vessel, able to lead his own life independently of him. Jimmy struggles with his own doubt and ill-reserved attempt at living while Castiel parts from his body. It is in one troublesome attempt at hunting that he meets Greg House, a sarcastic crippled doctor. At first, they argue over belief systems and whatnot, but throughout the weeks that followed, Jimmy became House's lover, alowing him to experience things, while questionable, that he had yet to experience because of his close-minded nature. Due to a broken marriage, House allows Claire to move in, to ease both the pain of the divorce and to reconnect with her father, therefore forming a makeshift family. After Amelia's funeral (death caused by a suspicious suicide), Jimmy proposed to House, an engagement the doctor was all too willing to reciprocate.

Storyline EventsEdit

Siren Call

Jimmy was an intended casualty when Alastair brutally murdered Castiel as it was his body that died along. As a result, House despairs to the point of relapse as well as Gabriel withdrawing from his usual self and Jane seriously reconsidering his vengeance on Red John. Novak reappears to Gregory in what is debated to be a hallucination and comforts him to keep living and to wait for him to return.


Novak, like Gabriel, had an apparent immunity to the disease plaguing New Jersey at the time, something that puzzled the diagnostic team. He first comes into the plot bringing a sick Joshua to House, making the cure a top priority . He helps around with the lab analysis collection and later handing out the cure to the ill. He finds his family all asleep in a room and manages to coax them to come back home and away from all the suffering at the hospital. Between events, Jimmy is once again a collateral kill when Michael kills Castiel as a way to correct his 'falsebound feelings' towards Dean and the Apocalypse in general. Contrary to previous times, Cas and Novak are brought back separately, the former found by Gabe and the latter by Chase and later House. He is deeply worried for his angel host due to the amount of turmoil experienced prior to death.

Crimson SacrificeEdit

When he is informed that his fiancee was killed in their own home, Jimmy has a mental breakdown and recurrs to alcohol to numb his pain., isolating himself and lashing out at everyone except Claire and Joshua. This transfers over to Castiel, with whom he pleads to take him. When House does come back, they unspokenly acknowledge their vices (narcotics for the doctor, alcohol for the vessel) and return home on House's bike.


Castiel's vessel got the short end of the stick when the angel was struck down by Uriah's inhibition-liberating spell. It was the night he returned home (drunk and with a strange taste in his mouth) that he found what Cas had done in his absence: he and Dean got married in Las Vegas and had his left nipple pierced. Jimmy was not pleased.


Jimmy barely has any ill will towards anyone and is more understanding than most when it comes to the mundane and the supernatural. Hidden away in Jersey, Novak assumes the names of various doctors, most notably Dr. Luther, as he helps Lisa Cuddy with the day-to-day duties. He's a doting father to his children and a loving fiancee and, as stated in the Pre A&A era, would do anything to protect his kids. He tends to have breakdowns when evil is perpetrated by man, not by demons, due in part to the sacrifice he is doing to save humanity.

The PlayerEdit

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