Jimmy 'THE BAMF' Novak

  • Name: Jimmy Novak
  • Alias: Black Mamba
  • Date of Birth:
  • Family: Amelia Novak (wife), Claire Novak (daughter)
  • Distinguishable traits:

Prelude to A&A (Jimmy's Canon)Edit

Jimmy Novak was a good man. A family man. That is, until a certain angel told him he was "special" and that he "had a job to do". Jimmy did what Castiel asked, giving his body to be used as a vessel for the angel. When he was pulled back to Heaven (4x20), Jimmy wanted just to go back to his family and live peacefully.

He never got that. When his wife and daughter were taken hostage by demons, Claire was killed in front of his eyes by a demon wearing his wife, Amelia. The demon then went and stabbed themself a few times before leaving Amelia's body for her to die. Seeing as he lost everything, Jimmy refused to let Castiel back in; leaving Castiel to find a new vessel.

Jimmy went on with the Winchesters for a month and learned someone could be brought back by making a deal with a crossroad demon. Jimmy did just this. He went to the nearest crossroad without letting the Winchesters know and made a deal for Claire and Amelia to be brought back. But his soul was to be collected in twenty four hours. He spent his last moments with his family before he was dragged to Hell.

Angels and AssesEdit

He find himself in the street when he arrives in New Jersey with no recollection as to how he got there. All Jimmy knows is that he's been topside for two weeks. A few people mistake him for the other Jimmy Novak and he explains he's different, going as far as showing his demon eyes to some. Once he stumbled across Jimmy, he was immediately offered residence in his home with his family.

House dubs him "Black Mamba" during their first meeting.


Jimmy is very broken since his time in Hell and the fact that he hasn't seen his family in two years since he made the deal. He has also sworn to get some sort of revenge on Castiel for letting his family die and breaking the promise he made. He's a bit snarkier and rude then the other Jimmy due to his time in Hell.

There is still a sliver of him that's good. This part is the one that causes him to want to see Claire and Amelia safe, even in his current state. Jimmy also gets dark thoughts in his head from time to time, but this small sliver keeps him from sharing them.