Joshua Novak

Product of a sperm donation gone array, Joshua Novak is the biological son of Jimmy Novak (Daddy), adopted son of Greg House (Pops) and half-sibling to Claire Novak (Big sister). An active and happy child, Josh is also showing signs that he may be a little powerhouse in the making.

Birth and First Two YearsEdit

Joshua had been conceived by Ted and Charlotte (last name not listed) using a sperm donation made by Jimmy after becoming a vessel for Castiel. The couple fell on hard times after the birth and Charlotte was unable to care for the baby so she tracked Jimmy down to Princeton-Plainsboro and quite literally left him and the baby at the hospital's door. House was furious when his then-lover chose to keep the child, contrary to what he told him and kicked Jimmy out of his bedroom for a few weeks. The doctor's heart softened over time and patched things up with Novak, making for the beginnings of a paternal bond bewteen them. The next year, Josh showed signs of a quick mind and House began talking to him in French and German (often referring to him as 'mein Junge' or 'my Child') to keep it active. House legally adopted Joshua and his sister Claire the week after the engagement, assuring them a comfortable life should he or Jimmy die. Jimmy, by his part calling Josh his Cherub, was happy to see that Claire had accepted her new sibling so wholeheartedly.


By the time A&A takes place, Joshua is 4 years old and enrolled in the local kindergarten, even though he'd rather be playing with his Zeppelin and Gladstone, his two dogs by his parents. Joshua has a unique ability bestowed upon him by his biological father's vessel blood: he was an empath prodigy to the point that he acquired some of his Pop's DNA and assimilated it as part of his own. This empathy would remain latent until he became four and met his "uncle" Gabriel one day after falling off and breaking his bike. Josh has the ability to feel emotions much more concentrated and can even borrow nearby powers by touch or close proximity.

Storyline EventsEdit

Siren CallEdit

Josh, along with Claire, was spared from the trauma of Silent Jersey by an unwilling and trapped Uriah. Along the way, he begins to feel the people's negative emotions about the upcoming war and hides out until his Pops coaxes him out and lets him vent out,


Along with his big sister, Josh falls ill to the plague but survives thanks to due diligence. In this event he's last seen being carried out of the hospital by his Dad, sound asleep and with treatment on hand.

Crimson SacrificeEdit

Because of the potential trauma, Jimmy sheltered his youngest child from knowing about the murder of his beloved Pops. Instead, he played with Patricia Jane until her father picked up and took her to California. Joshua was confused as to why his Dad was so sad and why his Pops hadn't returned home. When House came back, he doted on his family by taking them all to Coney Island, where Josh rode his first roller coaster.