NYPD Det. Leon Allan Nell

A New York Police Homicide Detective with a side specialization in supernatural crime, Leon Nell came to New Jersey in pursuit of a serial killer and got more than he bargained for. Already used to weird things happening in New York,

Quick BiographyEdit

Leon Allan Nell grew up a block from Manhattan Island, just a stone's throw away from the Big Apple. The people who gave him his very alliterative name were not his birth parents but Jonathan and Lydia Nell. Jon was a second-generation Portuguese American who worked two shifts at a bakery while Lydia was a stay-at-home mother of three. All was well until Jonathan ran a hefty gambling bill when Leon was two and got persecuted by loan sharks from the G'iadorno family. Two enforcers left Jon hobbled and left him unable to work but it left Leon resolute to join the police academy. He graduated from Cascades High School and studied Forensic Science at NYU to start patrol work at the 26th Precinct of the New York Police Department. He was promoted to Homicide after two years of walking the beat and one in Narcotics.

Leon has no discernible abilities other than his marksmanship and his wit. He does have a basic grasp of urban magic, mostly spoken in Portuguese, as well as some blood magic. He's also versed in supernatural knowledge to the point of identifying the creatures by observing tics and defining characteristics, like gang members. He always carries his issued gun, a Beretta Px4 Storm plus hand-to-hand combat meant to subdue and take control of the situation.

Personality wise, Nell is devoted to three things: his family, his job, and the Boston Red Sox. He is honest most of the time and a good cop, but is known to bend the rules every once in the while.



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