princeton, new jersey. when the fog rolls in.

Some arrive in New Jersey looking for freedom from whatever ails them from their life, willingly. Some have lived there all their lives and then there are some that for whatever reason show up unannounced, wake up there, with no real recollection of how and no matter how many times they leave, they wind up right back in the city again.

Things aren't what they seem, in fact, everything that happens in New Jersey holds a surrealistic appeal. You might question everything if you're thinking logically, and be damned if you're naive.

The truth is, the apocalypse is nigh. And at Princeton Plainsboro beats the heart of it. Every now and then despite the more metaphysical strange happenings... the city is shrouded in fog and everything just seems to reel into hysteria.

When uncertainty is like flies to honey, what role would you choose to play?
Because what you decide now... chooses the hand of fate you'll be dealt.