The Plague

Three weeks after the Siren Call receded, people began to fall ill to a mysterious illness that had no prior documentation. It became a plague centralized in the area and quickly became a priority to find a cure.

The SymptomsEdit

The symptoms of the Plague Malaria are divided into two stages:

Initial/Infectious Stage

  • Headaches and in some cases, Migraines
  • Overall Flu-like Symptoms

Psychotic Stage

  • Skin Lesions
  • Nausea
  • Dehydration
  • Delusions
  • Psychotic break

The EventEdit

It started with a couple of people coming down what seemed like a very persisitent flu. It wasn't until the first lesions started to appear that the situation went from the seasonal bug to a possible epidemic. House takes the case of the mysterious plague afflicting the general population, mainly because Joshua and Claire are infected by it as well as several key people in the hospital. He sets up a diagnostic to figure out the origin of the deadly illness. Both he and Cuddy are severely doubtful that it is a Biblical plague, especially since it took place three weeks after the Siren Call, and he deduces that it is an unknown parasite.

Chase's LossEdit

Lashing outEdit

Cure and AftermathEdit

Dr. House manages to deduce that the disease is malaria after a discussion with Anna about a 2nd-Stage Dean strapped to his bed. Pestilence decided to unleash malaria-carrying mosquitoes on New Jersey to bring about a plague . Unfortunately, these mosquitoes fed on Silent Jersey monster blood, resulting in a super-strain of malaria that accelerated the usually long-term symptoms to a couple of days. For future records, the treatment Chloroquine was stocked and spread effieciently do the Silent's unusual weakness to it.

Michael's FuryEdit

As soon as his vessel was up and running, Michael set about to burn down Niveus HQ, a phamaceutical company used to spread swine flu to the world. Castiel confronted his older brother for his disregard for human life, to which Gabriel joined in later. The lesser was impaled by Michael for his trouble and was later brought back separate from his vessel.