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Live to Learn and Learn to Live.

Princeton High School, established in 1898, is the secondary educational center for all Princeton Regional School students. As such, it is a very busy and heavily populated campus. The student body is incredibly involved in their academic and extracurricular schedules, with various different opions from Chess Club to Lacrosse. Staff members are expected to be attentive and encourage students to strive to be at peak performance in all areas. The faculty are very friendly,

An OverviewEdit

Coming soon.

Staff DirectoryEdit


  • Principal -
  • Assistant Principal -
  • Assistant Principal -
  • Coordinator of Student Activities -
  • Supervisor of Guidance Counselors & Head Counselor -
  • Guidance Counselor - Buffy Anne Summers
  • School Nurse -
  • Student Attendance & Registrar -


Subject Area SupervisorsEdit

  • English -
  • Fine & Performing Arts -
  • Foreign Languages -
  • Mathematics -
  • Physical Education -
  • Science -
  • Social Studies -

Various ProfessorsEdit


Student EnrollmentEdit





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