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ALIAS: Shelley

AIM/IM: cleanpaintbrush


OTHER CHARACTERS: Thomas, Patricia, Azazel, Scarlett, Chase



AGE: 28

FROM WHEN: She's from the future. (She died in her time, and awoke in 2010)


ITEM(S): Her wallet: that contains her Hospital ID, Various cards, and a photo of her as a baby with her Mum.

ABILITIES/POWERS: She's a Doctor, with a OB/GYN speciality. (She formally worked in the ER before specialising) PERSONALITY: 1) Cheerful: She sees the glass as half full. In part she puts down this good outlook on the firm feeling that no matter what happens, she has her Mum to turn too.
2) Self deprecating: She doesn't really make a big deal of herself. More than happy to make jokes at her own expense
3) Modest: She has flaws, she knows this. She'll acknowledge them. She'll also try to improve herself.
4) Persistant/Stubborn: She will keep at something until it goes right. She'll keep at it until there's no way to get the desired result. Be it talking to a patient or getting a needle threaded.
5) Private: She's friendly and seemingly an open book. But if you upset her, she may seem fine, she'll apparently brush it off. But she'll be crying in a supply room, when she has a moment alone.
6) Eager: She wants to learn. She wants to be the best that she can be. Couple this with her persistance she stands the chance of being remarkable.
7) People Pleasure/People Person: She tends to get on well with people relatively quickly. She may not make deep lasting friendships, but she can usually get on well with most people.
8) Workaholic: She likes work more than having a social life. After all it's what she's trained to do. She gets to help people.
9) Secret Wild Child: On her nights off, (That she does because she promised her Mum more than anything) She lets her hair down. When she does, she can sometimes go alittle off the deep end, a little too much to drink, party a little to hard.
10) Quirky: She has some habits and views that get her labelled as Quirky. From her taste in music, to her large collection of knives (Her favourite is a replica of a blade in Star Trek)

BURDENS SINS & BAGGAGE: She has a very open honest relationship with her mother. Apart from one thing, she was pregnant when she was killed, the child died when she did. She hadn't told her Cuddy, she also feels like it's her fault, maybe she shouldn't have helped, maybe she shouldn't have put herself at risk like that. She's also a little troubled by the fact she never wanted to meet her biological mother. She also feels pretty guilty about her crush on Thirteen. But other than that she's quiet baggage and sin free.

HISTORY: (The Wiki Bio )

(The Growing up)

Rachel never felt like she was missing out on something. She'd always felt loved and got what she needed. She also felt like she had the worlds best Mum, as such she never felt compelled to meet her birth mother. She'd never live up to the mum she knew.
She proved to be quiet smart so she decided to follow in her mothers footsteps and go to medical school. She loved the work, quickly deciding to move into female specials. Her life quickly became more about work than anything else. But she didn't care. She wanted to make her Mum proud. Which mean she ended up agreeing to go on at least one date a week and have "Fun"
One night a bomb went off in a nearby shopping mall. She was on call, so she called in. Due to her background in emergency medicine she was sent to the scene. While helping the injured she found a young man who seemed agitated, yet unharmed. She managed to calm him before realising he was the one who had set off the Bomb. Realising he would be brought in because of being identified as the bomber, he set off a secondary device.
What happened next is foggy for her. She can remember being found, she can remember being taken to the hospital, she can remember them working on her. But it's all very patchy.
When things started to become clear, she found herself waking in the hospital. Although nothing was right. She'd been brought back from death, but not to her own her own time. She was in 2010, and seriously freaked out.
VOICE TEST: Dear Diary,
I've made a mistake. A big mistake but I'm finding it hard to see it as a bad one. It has potential to be a great mistake. Diary. I'm pregnant. Further along than I really want to admit to given my speciality. One of my PATIENTS commented on my weight gain and asked if I was. I denied of course, but in a week, maybe two if I'm lucky, I will start to show Obviously. How will I explain this to Mum? She worries that I'm too wrapped up in work, that I don't spend enough time on me. Outside of work, how can I tell her that I had sex as a form of stress relief and got knocked up!? Maybe she'll be pleased that she's going to be a Grandmother. That I won't be alone as I'll have the child. But, a baby needs a father and, I'm not sure he'd be really that into the idea.
I know I can't have an abortion. Correction, I won't. Considering I've been the one to give them, I don't like the idea. It's not me. So, one way or another I'm having a child. But what to do. Maybe Adoption is the way. It worked out well for me didn't it? I love Mum. She's as close to perfect I'm sure any parent could be.
But that said, Adoption. It's big, I'm not sure I could give away a child. I'm not sure I'd want to deny Mum the chance to be a Grandmother, and whats to say I'll ever have the chance again in the future?
Perhaps Uncle Wilson would be a good person to speak too. He's smart, sensitive. He won't tell on me. He could help me weigh the pro's and con's.
ON The note of Pro's. I was asked out, which is kind of funny, by.... the father to be. Perhaps thats a sign I should keep the baby.
My Baby.
My. Baby.
........I'm going to be a Mom......
Dear Diary.
Today, I decided. I'm going to be a Mother. I'm keeping my baby. Now to tell Mom, then, the Father.

RP SAMPLE: When the page came, she knew that it meant something bad had happened and it sent a cold shiver up her spine. She felt her heart start to race even as she picked up the phone to cal in. The news recieved she was soon rushing to the scene to offer her help. It wasn't long before she was working hard to help the survivors. It was moments like this that made her glad her usual speciality was so much cleaner. Less blood, less tears. It was stressful, but it was the sort of stress she found so much easier to deal with. This? Death and dying around her. Made her feel sick.
She was working on a young woman who appeared at a glance to be fine, until you looked again to realise she was missing her arm, destroyed in the bomb. It was working on this young woman when she looked up to see a young man. He seemed unharmed even at a second look, but something about him was setting off every alarm in Rachel's head and heart. She shoved down the bile that was threatening to burn her throat as she told the dazed young woman to walk the couple of steps to another Doctor. She moved cautiously to the young man. Speaking slowly clamly she asked "Are you alight? were you hurt?" she whispered. As she spoke she saw his eyes go wider, she saw his hand move. But she wasn't fast enough.
There was a beep. There was a flash of light. Then there was nothing.
After a long moment things slowly started to return to her. A warm fuzzy feeling, white light, movement. As it faded, pain started to rear, her stomach started to knot, she started to shake. Then she couldn't see, hear, feel anything beyond an incrediable pain. A pain she couldn't even attempt to put into words. Pain so bad she wished for death or an end.
Fortunately, aid came and she readily embraced the warm numb oblivion of unconsiousness.

How much time passed, she didn't know. But as she work she became aware of the fact the pain was gone. Her hand moved to her stomach and she knew she was alone. She looked around the hospital room, before down her unharmed body before peeling off the monitors and sensors. She moved carefully to pick up the file at the end of her bed. She knew quickly it wasn't her. She'd been, somehow picked up and dropped into the bed of someone else.

She was alive, but, where? What was going on?

SPECIAL NOTES: When she gets a baring of where she is/whats going on. She's likely to try and keep who she really is from those who might know her. She wouldn't want to ruin what she feels was a pretty perfect life.