Scarlett jonson

Scarlett Jonson

USER LJ: [1]redsmiledripped

ALIAS: Shelley

AIM/IM: Cleanpaintbrush


OTHER CHARACTERS: Hanson, Azazel, Patricia, Chase

CHARACTER NAME: Scarlett "Scar" Jonson (Born Patricia Jane)


AGE: 16

FROM WHEN: Died pre show. She was brought back to life shortly after.

PROFESSION: School girl

ITEM(S): A hunting knife. A wallet containing a couple of fake ID's. And a tatty old teddy bear.

ABILITIES/POWERS: Trained to fight. She also has basic medical knowledge

PERSONALITY: 1) Conflicted: She's instinctively a good person. But her life has left her a little broken, her upbringing has been designed to warp her into a bad girl.
2) Masked: Who she is, isn't who she appears to be. She isn't open with anyone. She plays a character, and she plays it well. But it's not really who she is. Almost everything about her is false. She doesn't even know who she really is inside.
3) Sexually agreesive: She will, and does, use her body as a weapon. If she thinks someone is getting to close to her emotionally, she'll try to distract or scare away people using her body and sex. But, that isn't to say she can't be cute, girly and flirty.
4) Tease: When she's in a good mood, she's likely to tease people, she'll answer questions with a question, she'll echo and generally be childish.
5) Control freak: if she feels completely out of control? She will freak out. Possibly getting violent.
6) Low self worth: She doesn't like herself very much. She doesn't see why anyone would have interest in her beyond the passing interests. She at times self harms, although not seriously enough to scar. If someone does show interest she will scare them away from her.
7) Artistic: Although most of her artistic abilites comes out in ways that can be harmful to others, she loves to sing and dance. She can play the piano and guitar, and is teaching herself the flute.
8) Manipulative: If she's showing interest in you, she wants something from you in some way. Either you're a stepping stone to what she wants, or she's using you to get to someone else, or to get something. She's generally untrustworthy.
9) Faux sociopath: When she's found out, she will play any card she believes will work in her favour. She will play the role of sociopath, but the person she fools with this the most is herself. She's convinced herself this is why she can commit crimes and be so cruel to people.
10) Vunerable: Past all of her personality flaws, her manipulative behaviour, her masked feelings, she's really just a little girl who misses her parents, and is really quiet damaged.

BURDENS SINS & BAGGAGE: She knows that the life she is leading isn't a good one. She can feel it. She knows her Uncle John is a bad man. But she's taken the easy road. When she realised she didn't fight his will. She accepted that she too was a bad person. She was a killer in training. That is some thing that haunts her. When the fog rolls in, she'll have to face who she really is. Good, or evil. She'll also face the baggage of remembering her death. She'll feel haunted by it, by red smiley faces. She'll face the fact she has taken a human life, her biggest regret.

HISTORY: The only daugter of Patrick Jane, she was murdered. But this is where she becomes an AU from Patricia and from Canon. She wasn't actually killed. She was stabbed, drugged, and kidnapped. She grew up on the run with her "Uncle John" being trained to hate Patrick and to be a killer. When she was 10, She was taken along with her Uncle to what would become a crime scene. He made her watch him kill, then handed her the knife to kill the other victim. A recreation of Her mother's death, of her own stabbing. Scared she did as she was told, not fully understanding the depth of what she was doing. Uncle John then painted the Smiley face. Before adding a second, small, almost hidden sad face in Scarlett's blood. It was then he gave her the new name, Scarlett Jonson, and she became his daughter. Since that day she'd been training under him, to be the best that she could be.
One morning, she woke to a strange noise, she looked up to see a monster, it grabbed her. The next thing she knew, she was in a new reality. One she didn't feel at home in. Since, she's been finding her footing in this new reality. Finding out about Jane, who she hasn't met since her 'death' beside her mother. She's also decided to continue Red John's work. Although, she's a little squimish about killing.


Scar's Logo

VOICE TEST: I don't know how I came to be here Father, but I'm going to try and make the best of it. I've found some where to stay, I'm working on finding some where to work, or at least somewhere to make some money. I trying to work out what to do next. I'm in New Jersey of all places, In a different time or something, I don't know. It's confusing. I tracked down him. He had just left New Jersey, with a little girl. Patricia.
Father, wasn't that my name once upon a time? Before you were proud of me?
But all of that, it's so depressing. Thinking of Him, of the life you saved me from. So I should tell you my plan to make you proud.
It's simple really, he has a team he works with. Two men, two women. I strip them from him and he'll break, I'm sure. One is looking to be like an interesting target. I believe I could get him thrown into Jail. One of the women, would be good for you collection, another smile. The other two, well I need time to think about them. But I'll find a way to make you proud. But for now, I'm staying in New Jersey. This place might be the key to getting home.

RP SAMPLE: Scarlett sighed deeply as she sat back in the seat watching the people coming and going through the hospital clinc. She wasn't really sure why she was there, what she was hoping to find out, or achieve. But she needed to talk to someone and the hospital seemed like a sensible place, after all, the problem could be that she was simply insane. Although as she watched the other patients being called into the treatment room, and come out shortly after looking for the most part, pissed off. She sighed, getting up she went over to the desk to tell them that she wasn't going to bother seeing a Doctor.
Once checked off of the list, she walked to the cafeteria. She got herself a large Vanilla Latte and a double chocolate muffin beore taking her a seat. She ran throught her mind what she knew. Sleep, fog, strange creature thing, waking up in New Jersey. It made no sense yet here she was. Her father was the most powerful person she knew. So it had to be his doing. Somehow. Maybe this was a test. Maybe he was hoping that somehow she would show herself worthy to be his daughter. She smiled, kill Patrick Jane. Piece by piece. She smiled as she made her decision. It was a test, a test to see if she was worthy to be his girl. Once Jane was dead he'd come back for her. Back to her father's loving arms.
She finished her coffee and muffin, absently painting a smiley face on the table top in tomato sauce before heading out of the hospital. It was time to start tearing down the faux psychic. She would befriend him, destroy his world, then admit it was her doing. That she was better than him, much like her Father.
Of course the first step was to get to sacramento. After all, he was there, she needed to be there to be near him. Patrick Jane? Say goodbye to your life. SPECIAL NOTES: She knows of Patrick Jane, obviously, but her mind has been twisted to the point she doesn't really understand who he is too her.