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The Unicorn


Angels & AssesEdit

This is a toy plush Unicorn. It is sentient, and is possessed by a strong evil force, millennia old. This evil force only awakens when a fog, shift, or site event occurs. Any other time, it is just a toy. It speaks in a high-pitched, falsetto voice, and will usually creep up behind another character, announcing itself with a high-pitched giggle. It is unknown if it is immortal or not, because no one's ever succeeding in damaging it. Something always goes wrong, and the attempt fails.


The Unicorn seems to be possessed by a child, but it's possessing force is wise and evil. It is friendly to children, but a bad influence. Adults it doesn't particularly like, unless they act slightly childish. It is easily angered, and will use anything available to "Punish" you.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

It's powers allow it to amplify the effects of the Fog and Shifts, but it can't initiate them. It has connections, so beware.

The PlayerEdit

Name: The Torrid Pen