USER LJ: Thomas_Hanson

ALIAS: Shelley

AIM/IM: cleanpaintbrush


OTHER CHARACTERS: Robert Chase and Azazel


SERIES/FANDOM: 21 Jump Street

AGE: 27 FROM WHEN: At the end of his run in the show.

PROFESSION: Undercover Police officer

ITEM(S): Whenever possible/suitable he carries his gun, and police badge. Of course the nature of his job he may not always have them. 1968 Mustang, and a friendship bracelet.

ABILITIES/POWERS: He's usually pretty quick on his feet and a good shot.

PERSONALITY: 1) Serious: In himself he's a serious guy. Traumas from his past have inforced this. Of course if his job needs him to be care free and fun loving. He can do that role.
2) Actor: He is what he needs to be for work. Sometimes he's been a bad boy, other times a nerd. He's been a hooker, and he's been a choir boy, its not just skin deep changes, each role he plays is a part of who he is.
3) By The Book: He's had times when he's not followed the rules, but he doesn't like it. He likes to follow the rules. He likes to be the "good guy"
4) Loyal: He'll do anything for a friend. And he has, from taking a bullet for them, to being kidnapped.
5) Jaded: He was once an idealisic young man who believed completely in the police. That view has been tainted in his time in the force. He's still considering quitting and buying a bowling alley.
6) Troubled: Once he would have said the only truely troubling memory he had was the loss of his father. That it was the only thing that would keep him up at night. But his work in jump street added to that. He suffers nightmares from some of the things he's seen and done.
7) Hot headed: Despite his once idealistic nature. He's always had times of acting before thinking. A problem that was aggravated early in his career when people wouldn't believe he was a police officer because of his youth and good looks. Jump street had given him the chance to continue his police work. But it also led to many new problems or him.
8) Goofy: If you get in the position of knowing Tom Hanson off duty cop, and get him relaxed and getting on well, you'll find he has a bit of a goofy side. The side that'll watch bad movies eating pop corn, will tell bad jokes and be a bit silly.
9) Uptight: Of course very few see his Goofy side as most of the time he's on each, either because he's actually undercover. Or because he's stressed about something from work or something from the past. Theres a lot that gets him down.
10) Emotional: He may not always show it. But he feels things deeply. He's been greatly affected by the things that happened in his life.

BURDENS SINS & BAGGAGE: Hanson's been tried a lot in his life from the loss of his father on prom night to being drugged and sent a mental hospital. He's nearly slipped of the path of good many times and these are the things that plague him. The times he's been tempted to kill a bad guy, or hurt them. The times he's considered taking the drugs he's been offered. To be the villan. He carries also the burden of those he's failed. The ones he didn't save, either through being late, or not realising who really needed his help. He also carried quilt over those he's brought in. The kids who've been mixed up in stuff they couldn't handle who have been arrested by him.

HISTORY: (Bio from Imdb) Saxophone-playing bowling-loving Officer Tom Hanson, Jr. is a baby-faced cop with a bit of a sorespot over the constant teasing he gets regarding his looks from criminals and fellow cops alike. When this leads to a loss of temper that lets the bad guys get away with his black and white and gets his third partner a broken nose, his captain tells him he has a choice; he can get assigned to desk duty for a few years while he gets a handle on his temper and gorws a little older looking, or he can take part in a special secret project called Jump Street Chapel that takes young-looking cops, teaches them how to act like teens again, and places them in schools to catch perpetrators before they tun into hardened career criminals. Hanson's not happy about the idea of participating in "fast times at Bust Your Buddy High," but he's wanted nothing more than to be a cop like his late father, and the idea of desk duty is far less appealing than than driving down to the chapel on Jump Street, and taking the assignment. By-the-book Hanson seems initially out of his element among the free-wheeling cops and captain of the Jump Street program, but his compassion for the kids he deals with on a daily basis soon distinguishes him--and gets him to break a number of regulations on more than one occasion--and he quickly becomes close friends with his fellow Jump Street cops, as well as his usual partner, Officer Doug Penhall.
(From here on from Episode reviews) One of his regular undercover personas is Tommy McQuaid. With his "brother" Doug McQuaid, better known as Doug Penhall. Hanson had a small break down when his girlfriend was killed in front of him in a hold up. Hanson counted the seconds on the tape - he had 3.3 seconds in which to stop the man from shooting Amy. In that time, he has managed to untie and tie his shoelaces, recite the alphabet and many more numerous things. Which weighed heavily on him. The only member of the team Hanson had little time for was Booker, for many reasons, including Booker putting him in a home made electric chair, of course it didn't hurt him. But he still held it against him. One of the times, that Hanson felt his grip on what was good, and what was wrong. Was when undercover in lock up. Penhall left due to his claustophobia, Ioki and Booker couldn't get on the case well, so were pulled out. Leaving him to cope alone, doing whatever it took to survive. He would never admit it but he was tempted to murder a suspect. When under cover as a homeless prosititute teen, he was picked up by the perp. Alone in the hotel he saw the man about to attack him. He pulled his gun and made the arrest. But there was a moment, a moment when he considered giving into the desire to punish him. Hanson was also wrongly convicted of murder, fortunately his friend Booker was able to prove that he was innocent. Eventually being freed.
Eventually he decided to as he often threatened. He quit Jump street and moved. For a short while he worked at a bowling alley. But he actually missed being an Officer. He heard about an opening in New Jersey, doing pretty much what he had been, but in more adult settings. Happily, he moved to New Jersey applied and was accepted to the job.

VOICE TEST: Officer Thomas Hanson. Personal Report on Case 2:22:10, the Rape gang. We, Myself and Officer Penhall, went undercover at St. Michael's school for the troubled. We went in under the alias Tommy and Doug McQuaid. The McQuaid brothers. I was hoping that this would be one of those easy cases. In and out. Of course fate seemed to deem that a bad idea. From the moment we got into the school trouble started. The school tough guy decided to take a disliking to Penhall, he punched him, of course Doug's character, as planned in the official report wouldn't take that. He retailiated in kind. Doug was sent to the Principal who fortunately knew that who we were and why we were there, fortunately that appeared to be the only problem we had. While he was speaking with the Principal and insuring him that this was all part of the plan. I went to class, Health and social class. It truely is amazing how often a class information is repeated at each school. Sometimes I feel like I should be able to cover the school curriculum by heart. Still, first lesson bore more interesting results than expected. A pair of young men in the back of the class were boasting about 'teaching bitches lessons'. A clear indicator in these young men. I immediately attempted to infiltrate the conversation, easily done with an off cuff offensive comment aimed at lesbians. A side note I still feel sick sometimes making such comments, I hate being so narrow minded and bigoted. Still it seemed to strike a chord with them. I was issued an invitation to lunch. Unfortunately they specified to leave my 'special' brother out of it. Seems we're going separate ways on this case.
Lunch was an interesting experience, thanks in part to one of the young men insisting that french fries were best enjoyed dipped in milkshake. Which rather surprisingly was true. Although I think I'll still rather a good beer with a pizza. But being at school, it won't be likely until the case is over and we have that celebratary beer. During lunch the boys started to open up, it was easier than expected by keeping quiet and just soaking up the atmosphere. It made me start to think, listening to these kids, about something Russel told me about his last holiday where he met a Doctor who's thing was "Everybody lies". Listening to these kids, it became incrediably apparent. Still, at the end of the lunch they said about a 'special' meeting. To which I was invited. At first it was a typical meeting of young men. Underage drinking and drugs, big mouthed talk about sex. Watching them I started to realise two of them were almost certainly having an affair, which made me wonder what the group would think if they knew when they started to talk smack about gay men being- well I really Don't want to repeat that. Still I'm getting distracted. They spotted a woman. It was then if began, I signalled Penhall that something was happening. Happen it did. It happened fast, they surrounded the girl quickly starting to grab at her tug at her clothes. Once it was at the point where it was clear where it was going and Penhall and the team were in position. We broke it up. The boys were arrested and the case was over.
Once they were booked, parents called and the case put into the system. Our job was over so we happily settled into post case Pizza, Beer and poker celebration. I was over joyed when I finally got home and was able to settle in comfortably. It was then I decided. I had to quit jump street, it was destorying me. I could barely look at my dress uniform any more, I couldn't think about dad. All day every day of seeing the worse of the 'future'. It was it. I couldn't face it any more. So, this will be my last work post. From now on, this log. It's going to be about me. My hopes, my future. Maybe with time I'll be who I was. Who I gave up on. Happy baby faced office hanson. I miss him. Come back. Please?