An angel of Silent Hill, quite unlike his distant siblings from the Judeo-Christian mythos. Because of its passive role in the game and its designation as a servant, it is thought that Valtiel is the subordinate of another dominant supernatural presence in Silent Hill, spefically the Order's God. He is known as the Caretaker, the Valet, but most residents in Jersey regard him as the Herald of Death and Resurrection.

Silent HillEdit

In the religious tradition of Silent Hill, Valtiel was one of the beings said to be created by God in order to lead people to obey her. It is worshiped as the one who is closest to God. In it this angel is venerated as a way to get closer to Her. In Silent Hill 3, Valtiel observes Heather in order to ensure the birth of God. Valtiel seemingly has little or no actual concern with Heather, but rather for the God that sleeps within her. Should Heather die, Valtiel can be seen dragging her corpse, presumably intending to resurrect the holy "Mother of God".

It is humanoid in appearance, but its head vibrates and twitches rapidly, obscuring its facial features; although there are not many features to behold, as his face is blank and leathery, with a series of crude stitches where his mouth should be. It's garbed in ceremonial robes and wears gloves.


Valtiel mostly acts as a passive role, with no real desire to kill people, only to drag them back into the body pit to reconstruct. Seeing him in the normal worldthumb|300px|right|Valtiel taking away Heather Mason's body is impossible but his presence is documented by the usage of the Seal of Metatron to ward off monsters in certain areas (eg. the Maternity and Pediatric Wards) when the Fog World rolls along. When a person of interest dies, as long as it is in New Jersey, Valtiel will find that person's corpse and take it to his own corner of the Otherworld. Valtiel also acts as the main catalyst for the shifts by spinning the Valves maintaining the world. His sibling "angels" include Xuchilbara and Lobsel Vith, as they too were once Assistants to the Order's deity.


In many instances Valtiel is seen turning a valve; this is both a symbolic gesture of the cycle of rebirth, which he governs, and an implication that Valtiel has some control over the shifting to the Otherworld. Valves are his trademark and they turn back the effects of the Fog or maginify it into the hellish dimension.

Body PitEdit

The body pit is where all the dead people are tossed into, no exceptions. The victims are then tossed in a pile with no

Silet hill 3 valtielSmall

Valtiel tending to the Valves and the Body Pit

regard to await reconstruction. The process itself varies slightly but it is universally regarded as excruciating and traumatic, both physiologically and psychologically. When it is successful, the afflicted wake up living in a special section of the Princeton Plainsboro hospital suffering psychological afflictions of how he or she died (eg. ghost pain, hallucinations, amnesia). It normally takes a day or two to recover for most, but if the person is stronger or of fierce mental awareness it may be less.