Some residents in New Jersey carry a weapon other than the makeshift during the events.



Steel PipeEdit

The classic Silent Hill weapon, it is the sturdiest weapon to find in all New Jersey.


Another of the more common weapons, it is nearly as lasting as the pipe but, if made of wood, runs the risk of breaking apart.



There are many knives and sharp objects in New Jersey, most can be used as weapons. Four types of knives make recurring appearances during the events and can kill more than just monsters:

  • Ruby's Demon-Killing Knife'- This knife, which originally belonged to Ruby but has passed to Sam and Dean, is capable of killing demons. Currently in Sam Winchester's possession.
  • Ceremonial Dagger- A dagger found in Shepherd's Glen, it is a symbol of the Order's Pact with the Goddess, therefore capable of killing demons and monsters. Currently in Alex Shepherd's possesson.
  • Xuchilbara's Knife- A knife Xuchilbara uses to seal pacts with his hosts, capable of killing demons and the Red God himself. Currently in Lisa Cuddy's custody.
  • Angel Killing Sword-A weapon capable of killing angels. It could be described as a long blade, or a short sword. Apparently even Lucifer can be killed with this blade, although it must be an Archangel Killing Blade. Most angels carry one.


The ColtEdit

A singular gun made by Samuel Colt in 1835 for a hunter at the time. It has supernatural powers: when used with the supernatural bullets made specially for it, the gun can kill anything except five creatures in all of Creation. Three of those creatures are God, Michael, and Lucifer. It carried 13 bullets but 9 were already spent by the time Sam and Dean arrive to New Jersey.

Wilson's gun/House's gunEdit

Found during the first Infection of the Fog World, a Browning 9 mm Hi-Power with two inscriptions: one in Hindi "चलो कोई मलऊन इस बंदूक की नली से बच [Let no damned escape the barrel of this gun]" done later onto the barrel and the older, on the handle "Forgive me". Best used in the Fog, otherwise it tends to jam.

Alex's GunEdit

A Heckler and Koch MK 23 obtained in a trade in his hometown, it's the firearm that Alex brings in.