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Xuchilbara in his default form

"Because if they themselves don't understand it, why cloud it up with meaningless explanations?"

Xuchilbara, called the Red God mentioned Myth 4: Creation text, was said to have been created by the Order's Goddess as an assistant to Her. With the Goddess's untimely death at the hands of the Holy Mother's reincarnation Heather, Xuchilbara was left without purpose and wandering around the Holy World, unlike his sibling Valtiel...until now. Presently, he takes a physical form thanks to a soul fragment that keeps him grounded.

Serving the Goddess and the PactEdit

Xuchilbara, as well as Valtiel and Lobsel Vith, were created by the Order's Goddess to assist her in maintaining order in a chaotic world. The three "angels" were to bring about Paradise when Heather Mason killed the premature deity. Because his sole purpose had been murdered, the Red angel drifted aimlessly, looking for anything to entertain himself.

The PactEdit

In 2007, he heard the cries and vengeful wishes of one James Wilson, after his girlfriend Amber passed away by what he thought was House's fault.The entity was only too happy to oblige and let the Fog World ravage a place called Princeton-Plainsboro. This later became known only as The Incident. Six months after the initial infections, Wilson began to have nightmares and lose consciousness to switch into what House called "Bad Wilson"; this was due to Xuchilbara's attempts at getting James' soul as a tether back into the physical realm.

In order to fix this, House traveled to Silent Hill and immediately, Xuchilbara was interested in him. House was tortured and it got a oint where he bargained with the Assistant; he'd break a piece of his soul and the Fog would never come back. Lesson learned: always ask for a money-back guarantee, as Xuchilbara not only took the soul fragment but also provoked the instability that plagues the doctor and New Jersey to this day.

His new playgroundEdit

Only recently has Xuchi been able to maintain a separate physical appearance from House but to better infiltrate, he can 'change face' from his 8 year old body to a doppelganger for the doctor. His eyes are black, like a demon, but he prefers to be classified as an angel. He has no interest in joining Lucifer's side and instead plots to install his type of Order in the world, as his Master would've wanted to. He is also looking for a host for his brother Lobsel among the "miserable masses" due in part to House sealing Wilson's soul and wiping his memory as a failsafe device in case the deal fell through.